BYK®-3550 awarded the BYK Advance Innovation Prize 2009

The innovative approach to a solution, the high market relevance and the exceptional teamwork exhibited during the development of BYK®-3550, convinced the panel of judges when it was time to award this year's innovation prize.

The surface-active additive is based on BYK-developed and patented macromer technology. By combining so-called silicone macromers and polyacrylates, the BYK®-3550 development team was able to create a product that combines acrylate and silicone properties. BYK®-3550 exhibits different properties depending on the polarity of the system.

In coatings with high polarity, the silicone provides good anti-crater properties without increasing the surface slip. The acrylate chain generates an excellent flow.

In non-polar systems, conventional silicone additives often have a negative impact on recoatability. The long acrylate chain of BYK®-3550 enables it to provide outstanding recoatability in such systems as well as an excellent flow in connection with distinctive anti-blocking properties.

Because success is always the result of multiple factors, the chemical engineering involved in product development is not our only focus. The teamwork that led to the development of an innovative solution is a particularly essential component of the project assessment, and thus for the awarding of the prize.

The BYK Advance Innovation Prize has been awarded for three years.

The Innovation Prize 2007 went to the developers of the coupling agent BYK®-C 8000, and the development team of BYK®-SILCLEAN 3720 was awarded the prize the following year.