Wesel, June 6, 2005

DISPERBYK®-145: Improved Pigment Stabilization in Nonpolar Coatings

This high molecular weight additive deflocculates pigments and provides steric stabilization. It provides a uniform electrical charge to pigment surfaces thus avoiding possible co-flocculation of pigments that are not equally charged. Due to the small particle sizes of the deflocculated pigments, higher gloss and color strength are achieved. Additionally, transparency of transparent pigments and hiding power of opaque pigments are increased. This product reduces viscosity.


DISPERBYK®-145isrecommended for medium to non-polar systems such as TPA, long oil alkyds, acrylates and epoxies. Typical application areas arearchitectural paints, industrialcoatings, wood and furniture coatings as well as pigment concentrates for these applications.
®-145 strongly reduces millbase viscosity which leads to improved leveling and allows high pigment loadings. It is also suitable for post addition.