Wesel, June 6, 2005

DISPERBYK®-194: Member of a Good Family

DISPERBYK®-194 is a new high molecular wetting anddispersing additive to avoid flooding and floating. It reduces viscosity and increases gloss as well as transparency in aqueous coatings, printing inks and pigment concentrates.

DISPERBYK®-194, a further development of the well-known DISPERBYK®-190 family for aqueous systems,is especially used for the production of resin-containing and resin-free pigment grinds for aqueous systems as well as for pigment grinding in aqueous coatings and printing inks. For best performance it is added to the millbase before the grinding process.


DISPERBYK®-194 is especially recommended for 2-pack PU and epoxy systems. In 2-pack epoxy systems such concentrates can be added to the epoxy resin as well as to the amine resin.

In pigment concentrates with high pigment load the additional usage of the very compatible silicone-free defoamer BYK®-012 is recommended.

To avoid sedimentation of inorganic pigments the liquid rheology additive BYK®-420 can be employed.

Specific starting point formulations for the production of pigment concentrates are availableon the Internet under www.byk-chemie.comà Additive Guide.