DISPERBYK®-2012 awarded the BYK Advance Innovation Prize 2010

Wesel - July 8, 2011: The innovative approach to a solution, the high market relevance, and the exceptional teamwork exhibited during the development of DISPERBYK®-2012 convinced the panel of judges when it was time to award this year's innovation prize.

Universally applicable waterborne wetting and dispersing additive
DISPERBYK®-2012 is the first choice for resin-containing pigment grinds for both water-reducibles and emulsions. It provides good stabilization of a wide range of pigments, such as organic pigments and carbon blacks. It is an extremely compatible wetting and dispersing additive for resin-containing grinds. Furthermore, DISPERBYK®-2012 is suitable for slurry grinds that contain co-solvents, amines, or surfactants.

Awarding criteria
Because success is always the result of multiple factors, the chemical engineering involved in product development was not the only focus of the award. The teamwork that led to the development of this innovative solution was a particularly salient component of the project assessment and thus key for the awarding of the prize. And this year, a total of three teams were involved in the development of this innovative wetting and dispersing additive!

The BYK Advance Innovation Prize has been awarded for four years now. The Innovation Prize 2007 went to the developers of the coupling agent BYK®-C 8000, the development team of BYK®-SILCLEAN 3720 was awarded the prize in 2008, and BYK Advance Innovation Prize 2009 went to BYK®-3550.