Wesel, July 31, 2008

DISPERBYK®-2155: 100% solids wetting and dispersing additive for pigment concentrates and coatings

Growing environmental awareness leads to changes in coating formulations, and one way to fulfill stricter requirements is the swap to higher solids systems.

However, these systems ask for higher molecular weight additives and, due to their chemical nature, these additives often suffer from poor flowability. To avoid this drawback, BYK virtually brought opposites in line and developed a 100%, high molecular weight polymer which is entirely flowable.

Due to its unique sphere-like molecular structure – in contrast to conventional linear structures – DISPERBYK®-2155 opens up new horizons in the wetting and dispersing of high solids systems. DISPERBYK®-2155 guarantees outstanding deflocculation and stabilization yet remains liquid. DISPERBYK®-2155 effectively reduces millbase viscosity, is storage-stable and shows a wide compatibility with many resin systems.

DISPERBYK®-2155 is designed for use in pigment concentrates for automotive coatings general industrial, wood and furniture coatings, floorings (based on PU and Epoxy), PUR foams and 100% UV systems. In addition, the additive can be successfully used in co-grinds.