St. Louis, MO, January 5, 2004

Dr. Susan W. Graham named President & CEO

ALTANA Chemie is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Susan W. Graham to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of The P.D. George Company.Dr. Graham assumed this position on January 6, 2004.The P.D. George Company located in St. Louis, Missouri is a member of the global Altana Electrical Insulation Group.

Dr. Graham was most recently the New Business Development Director for Adhesives and Sealants at Rohm and Haas in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.Dr. Graham received her Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry and she has held positions in Sales, Marketing and General Management in the Chemical industry, both in North America and globally.

As a member of the ALTANA Electrical Insulation group, The P.D. George Company is a supplier of specialty polymers for use in the electrical and electronic markets.Dr. Graham will be responsible for focusing the company’s growth into new opportunities in the electrical/electronics market as well as directing the development of new polymers for current applications.

The P.D. George Company, founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1919 is a premier global supplier of specialty polymers for application in the electrical and electronic industries. The P.D. George Company now offers the broadest product portfolio for application needs in the electrical insulation industry.