Fuerth, June 29, 2006

ECKART: Metal Surcharges

Due to a drastic increase in copper and zinc prices,we announced the introduction of a metal surcharge on 21 April 2006.

Raw materials are still very expensive, which does notallow for long-term stocking. For the time being, Eckart has adopted thestrategy of stocking up on a quarterly basis. Therefore, in the future, we willannounce the necessary metal surcharges quarterly, each of which will apply for3 months.

Regarding our stocking for the months of July, Augustand September, the following metal surcharges will apply for the third quarterof 2006:

Standart® Bronze Powder:€/kg2,50

Stapa®Bronze Paste:€/kg2,25

Mastersafe® and Powdersafe®:€/kg2,25


Rotovario® solvent based:€/kg2,--

Rotovario® Aqua:€/kg1,75

Gravure andFlexo Inks:€/kg1,--

Offset Inks:€/kg1,15


ECKARTis a leading global manufacturer of metallic printing inks and effect pigments.Based in Fürth, Germany, and with approximately 1,850employees to date worldwide, the company develops, produces and sells metallicand pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form, as well asconcentrates, dispersions and printing inks. ECKART products are used in thegraphic arts industry, the coatings and paints industry, the plastics and foammortar industry and in cosmetics. ECKART is currently represented in over 70 countries.