Wesel, May 29, 2008

Innovative additives from BYK for paper coating

Wesel, May 29, 2008: At drupa 2008, from May 29 to June 11, BYK will be presenting innovative solutions for controlling interfacial phenomena in the manufacture and processing of paper.

The increased capabilities of modern printing processes and system conversions due to ecological directives demand a more exact specification of paper properties.
Especially with high-quality printing involving effect pigments, the interaction of paper surface, overprint varnish and ink is required to achieve an optimum result.

BYK offers a broad product portfolio, which ranges from highly effective defoamers and stabilizers for the coating ink to adjustments of viscosity and color leveling.
Additives such as defoamers or dispersing agents do not only improve e.g. runability, but also control surface properties such as gloss and color acceptance. Special additives for hydrophobing or wetting control color acceptance, receptivity and laminatability.
Even special technical functions of the surface such as the handle or avoidance of gloss mottling can be achieved through the addition of additives.
BYK has extended its many years of experience in the optimization of special papers to the areas of graphic papers and packaging.
Its global presence allows an extensive local support to be provided anywhere in the world. The cross-divisional collaboration within the ALTANA Group means that specific solutions for paper coatings in the value-added chain are able to improve product development by harmonizing systems.

BYK additives for curtain coating
Curtain coating – beside its traditional use in the application of special papers like carbonless paper or thermal paper – is gaining increasing interest in the graphic and packaging field. The adjustment of the surface tension with additives is not only of great importance for the curtain stability but also for the subsequent paper processing steps. Polarity and surface tension of the paper surface affect the acceptance of the printing inks. BYK provides additives with a varying chemical basis in order to match the technical solution not only to the application, but also to the converting steps. Highly active silicone surfactants, active substances with reduced silicone content, right down to FDA-compliant and BfR approved surfactants are used. BYK®- 3400 in particular has proven its value in practice when used in multilayer coating.

Efficient gloss measurement from BYK
A further highlight at this year’s drupa is the micro-gloss from BYK-Gardner.
This instrument combines handiness and protected calibration with a unique functionality attuned to the requirements of current quality standards.
As small as a digital camera, the micro-gloss is especially suited to gloss measurement while the paper is being processed.

BYK Additives for printing inks
Beside its additives and instruments for the paper processing industry BYK will be presenting at drupa 2008 its wide product range for overprint varnishes and printing inks.

BYK Additives & Instruments will be presenting its solutions at drupa in Hall 3, Booth B18. It will be the first time that the company is represented at the world’s largest printing and paper trade fair together with its sister companies ECKART Effect Pigments and ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants.