Grevenbroich/Düsseldorf, April 24, 2008

Innovative, laser-markable protective varnishes for rigid and flexible metal packaging

Grevenbroich/Düsseldorf, 2008-04-24 - Laser induced markings have evolved into
a common feature in our daily environment – just have a look at characters of
computer keyboards, technical information on electronic parts, displays in cars or
sealants for screw caps.
However, all current applications are characterized by a relatively high thickness of
the marked surface. Moreover a certain loss of material upon treatment has to be
ACTEGA Rhenania has successfully overcome these limitations by presenting a
required varnish film thickness of less than 10 microns. At the same time the
surface remains undamaged. Other quality-related properties of the coating,
particularly the protective influence towards the substrate are by no means
negatively affected.

Requirement profiles for stove-enamels extend from high flexibility (deformation
upon baking) with concurrent high resistance against wear, mar and the filling
goods towards stability against sterilization and food compatibility.

ACTEGA Rhenania’s innovative approach towards novel, laser-markable varnishes
adds yet another outstanding feature:
Logos, directions for use, bar codes and expiration dates are usually applied by
printing inks onto an usually white base layer. In contrast it is now possible to
proceed via contact-free transfer by a laser beam. Due to the fact that the imprint
occurs within the layer of the coating, this marking cannot be subsequently
manipulated or removed.
Commercial laser units can be flexibly integrated into a filling line. Additional
information can be added by metal finishers, closure and cap manufacturers or by
retailers basically in the same way.

Over and above a laser-induced treatment of the outer side, ACTEGA Rhenania’s
laser-markable protective and adhesive varnishes allow for the marking of the
packagings’ interior surface. E. g., feasible applications could stretch to
promotional campaigns or protection against counterfeiting.

Based on the ongoing accumulation of specific experience and know-how a lot of
other potential applications for this technology are already being tackled.

Current developments comprise applications for lug-caps, 3 piece cans,
pharmaceutical packaging. Last but not least a focus has been turned on watersoluble


The Division ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants is a member of ALTANA group. ACTEGA develops and produces specialty coatings and sealants for the packaging and the graphic arts industry. These products not only give materials such as paper, paper board, plastic and metal an attractive appearance, but also give the material surface clearly defined chemical and physical properties.

The main customer for the products developed, manufactured and sold by ACTEGA is the packaging industry. ACTEGA is the market leader in overprint varnishes and sealing compounds for closures and glass containers, in the case of water-based sealants for cans and coatings for flexible packaging ACTEGA is the technological leader.

The coatings guarantee not only that the packaging will look appealing, but also that the contents remain fresh for longer; those products make sure that soft surfaces become scratch resistant, metal does not rust and paper becomes non-sensitive for water.

The sealing products create a seal between two contact surfaces, such as glass on metal (bottle closures) or metal on metal (can ends); they ensure that the filling good (e.g. beer) remains inside the packaging and any contaminants (e.g. Oxygen, which causes beer to go stale) remain outside.