K-2010 trade fair a great success: Solutions for thermoplastic applications in especially high demand!

Wesel, Germany, Nov. 23, 2010. – Besides the highly effective additives BYK®‑P 4100, BYK®‑P 4101 and BYK®‑P 4102 for the optimized processing of highly filled compounds, the innovative product BYK®‑P 4200 also attracted particularly intense interest. BYK®‑P 4200 is a stripping agent that effectively eliminates emissions (VOC) and odors generated during processing of polyolefin compounds. As it is added directly during the compounding operation, the additive is easy to use and requires no additional investments, such as in machinery.

Another highlight on the BYK stand this year was NANOBYK®‑3845. It is used in polyolefin applications – such as films – to protect goods and underlying substrates from harmful UV light. NANOBYK®‑3845 is a UV-A and UV-B absorber based on nano-scale zinc oxide optimally dispersed in a polyethylene carrier. The additive offers long-lasting UV protection and prevents migration into the substrate or the packaged goods. Free-flowing microbeads guarantee easy incorporation and safe, reliable handling. NANOBYK®‑3845 complies with FDA and EU food contact regulations.