Wesel, December 14, 2007

Nanotechnology: BYK rolls out new NANOBYK® products

As a result of the successful cooperation between BYK and Rhodia, BYK introduces new NANOBYK® products based on Rhodigard technology for coating applications.

Rhodia produces exclusively the Ceria-based UV-absorber materials for BYK whilst BYK is responsible for the global marketing and technical service for these products. The cooperation between BYK and Rhodia ensures constant product quality as well as fast and knowledgeable support on the application of these Ceria-based dispersions. This step combines the strength of both companies in manufacturing colloidal Ceria dispersions and the knowledge in the area of paint additives for the wood care market. “This cooperation enhances our global reach for marketing of the Ceria-based UV-absorber technology. With BYK we found a partner having global presence and being one of the leading companies in the area of paint additives” states Pol Le-Roux, Rhodia's Electronics Business Director.

“Due to this agreement BYK can extend the range of nanoscale UV-absorbing materials from Zinc oxide to Ceria as well. This strengthens our portfolio of “Ready-to-use” nanoadditives currently offered to the paint and plastic market” comments Dr. Roland Peter, Chairman of the Management Board of BYK-Chemie GmbH and President Division Additives and Instruments of ALTANA.
In the future the commercial name of Rhodigard® W200 will be NANOBYK®-3810, while Rhodigard® S100 will become NANOBYK®-3812. Both products are Cerium oxide nanoparticle dispersions. While NANOBYK®-3810 is for aqueous systems, NANOBYK®-3812 is the right choice for solvent-borne systems. Main application field for both additives is wood care.
Already in 2006 BYK introduced Zinc oxide based UV-absorbers for aqueous systems. Now, one year later, BYK enlarges its product portfolio with additional three new NANOBYK® Zinc oxide-products for solvent-borne coatings. NANOBYK®-3821 and NANOBYK®-3841 are UV-absorbers containing Zinc oxide particles sized 20 and 40 nm, respectively. Their ideal application areas are wood, furniture and industrial coatings. Solvent in both additives is MPA.
NANOBYK®-3842 is another Zinc oxide UV-absorber for solvent-borne systems with a particle size of 40 nm, but dispersed in aliphatic hydrocarbons and therefore designed for wood care applications.