Wesel, September 18, 2008

Official presentation of the "Outstanding Paper Award" at the 100th anniversary celebrations of SPCI in Stockholm

During the celebrations of the 100-year anniversary of SPCI, BYK officially honored the Norwegian company Tofteloftet A/S with the “Outstanding Paper Award”.
Whilst paper manufacturing is a traditional branch of industry, for a long time it has been subject to a process of continual change too. It is not just the increasing costs of energy and raw materials, the spread of technology, the electronic media and the overall globalization of the markets, which constantly pose new challenges to the sector, but above all also the increasing demands on the printability and the processing of the paper surface.
What is special about paper is that it fulfills two functions at the same time: It is both a material and a substrate. This makes it intrinsically capable of meeting a wide variety of requirements extremely well. However, with the development of new processes and procedures, it is not only possible to generate new end products, but to also improve the entire value-added chain.
Honoring exceptional achievements in the value-added chain
BYK has already been developing and producing additives for paper surface refinement, the printing ink industry and paper processing for many years. At the same time, the top priority of the company is to place the entire value-added chain under the closest scrutiny on a continual basis – from the selection of the raw materials and initial laboratory tests right through to the use of the final products. It is therefore of great importance to BYK to also honor special achievements within this value-added chain with a special award.
The shortlist included ideas for improving paper production, new developments in paper quality and proposals for new processing steps in paper manufacturing.
The winner of the first “Outstanding Paper Award” is the Norwegian company Tofteloftet A/S, which has developed a procedure that enables pulp to be printed in a very high quality. Even if this procedure is today considered to be more artistic than industrial, we welcome above all the success and the achievement of combining two concepts which had traditionally been considered to be incompatible.
Tofteloftet A/S is a small company situated at Tofte, in south Buskerud, in the central part of Norway, just one-hour drive from the capital Oslo. Tofteloftet was established in 2006 and is owned and run by Managing Director Svein Erik Bakken and Creative Manager Tiril b Bjørkvold.