February 2011

PROVALIN® goes into series production

Bremen, February, 2011 – After an intensive test and rollout phase in 2010, PROVALIN® - the PVC- and plasticizer-free sealant for lids of glass jars - is now going into series production. Pano Blue Seal closures with PROVALIN®, which are fundamentally suitable for a wide range of lug-type lids, have been produced in size TO 66 since the beginning of 2011. TO 53 and 63 will be processed successively in the 2nd quarter, followed by other lid sizes - such as TO 48, 58 and 70 mm, areas of application and classes of contents, incl. a sterilizable variant.

PROVALIN® was developed by Actega DS with the goal of replacing PVC with PVC-free sealants that comply with EU regulations (incl. EU Directive 10/2011 and PIM) and offer a high level of food safety in all areas of application in which wide-mouth lids are used. With the variants 1241 for products that are high in oil and fat content, 1231 for foods that contain little or no fat, 1631 for metal/plastic composite lids and 1288 for all areas, suitable solutions are available for a wide range of foods that are packaged in glass jars.

Pano Verschluss GmbH uses the sealant to make its Blue Seal lids. This development was preceded by extensive research and development projects. Once ACTEGA DS had manufactured the first lids in the laboratory, the search for capable machinery manufacturers began. The first sample lids were manufactured in 2009 and 2010 using a prototype machine and in spring, 2010, the first 10,000 jars were processed under production conditions and marketed. This was done in partnership with the production firm Reichold (Feinkost Dittmann). Subsequently, an additional 300,000 Blue Seal lids were processed and Feinkost Dittmann marketed food preserved in jars with PROVALIN® lid seals.

In addition to compliance with the most stringent migration thresholds even with small packages, long storage periods or unfavorable general conditions, this PVC-free solution offers other advantages as well. The lid makes especially economical use of resources thanks to the TPE technology used. This avoids air emissions of the type encountered when processing PVC compounds. Because the gelling ovens are eliminated (the PVC-free granulate is applied and shaped only in the lid, but no longer has to be cured), less space is required. Processing the granulate requires less energy than with plastisols. Granulate material is cleaner in use and produces less waste. Furthermore, there are no viscosity problems of the kind experienced with plastisols. Because no liquid plasticizer is required for the flexibility/elasticity of PVC, the potential for migration of undesirable substances is minimized with TPE granulate.

Thus the Blue Seal lids with PROVALIN® fulfill both the requirements of food manufacturers and retail chains as well as all current EU regulations and the demands for maximum food safety.
Starting in spring, 2011, jars of Dittmann’s delicatessen products will contain a consumer notice on the lid stating that the lid is PVC-free with a web link where interested consumers can read the story behind this PVC-free initiative: www.pvc-freier-verschluss.de and www.pvc-free-closure.com.

In the meantime, other packagers have indicated their interest in Blue Seal lids with PROVALIN® on account of the positive experiences which ACTEGA DS, Pano and Feinkost Dittmann have had with the PVC-free initiative.
Within the scope of the Interpack 2011 (12 – 18 May), ACTEGA DS will offer a technical conference “No migration – intelligent solutions for optimum food safety” for merchandisers, food manufacturers and packagers on 13 May in Room 7a of the CCD South at Dusseldorf Exhibition Center. The conference begins at 10:00 am (for further information or to register, go to www.provalin.com or info@wirkomm.de).

The ACTEGA group belongs to ALTANA AG. The ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants Product Division develops and produces coatings and sealants for the packaging and graphic arts industries. These products lend an attractive appearance to materials such as paper, paper board, plastic and metal. They also provide clearly defined chemical and physical properties to the materials' surface.

Graphic arts: The main customer for the products developed, manufactured and sold by ACTEGA is the packaging industry. ACTEGA is the market leader in overprint varnishes and is the technological leader in the rapidly expanding sector of water-based sealants for flexible packaging. In this connection, ACTEGA products not only ensure that the packaging will look appealing, but also that the contents will remain fresh longer.

Converting specialties: ACTEGA is already the world’s leading vendor of sealants for closures and glass containers; ACTEGA is the technological leader when it comes to water-based sealants for cans. These products are used to make seals between the contact surfaces, such as glass on metal (bottle closures) or metal on metal (can lids). They ensure that the contents and other substances such as CO2 remain inside the packaging, and any contaminants remain outside.


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