Wesel/ St. Louis, MO, October 15, 2004,

The P.D. George Company was chosen as Terry Bradshaw’s Pick of the Week on CNBC

Terry Bradshaw’s Pick of the Week is a television show that is broadcast weekly on the CNBC cable network. The series of short stories highlights successful companies in America and how they have succeeded despite extraordinary economic conditions.Out of hundreds of potential candidates, only those businesses that are making a difference in their respective industries are chosen.The P.D. George Company was chosen as a result of its commitment to excellence.

“We were very proud to be chosen as the Pick of The Week.It is an excellent opportunity for our company to further show our commitment to the electrical insulation industry.New projects, innovations and our growth were highlighted during this process,” said Dr. Susan Graham, The P.D. George Company President & CEO.

Two short videos were broadcast on October 5 & 7 on CNBC.The P.D. George Company had an all-day production shoot to gather footage and show how The P.D. George Company has grown over the years.Many employees were interviewed and involved in the process.

The P.D. George Company was founded in 1919 and located in St. Louis, MO.The company services the electrical insulation industry with impregnating resins, compounds and wire enamels.

The P.D. George Company is a member of ALTANA Chemie. ALTANA Chemie has continually demonstrated its commitment to the global electrical industry through worldwide growth. ALTANA Electrical Insulation companies are strategically located throughout the world to provide the best products, service and technical support for its customers.