Grevenbroich/Düsseldorf, April 24, 2008

Versatile and functional: Hot-seal varnishes for top-notch requirements

Grevenbroich/Düsseldorf, 2008-04-24 - Producers of specialties to serve the
packaging manufacturers’ market have been confronted with a dynamic evolution
which is still ongoing: Standard wide-spread materials such as aluminum are
increasingly substituted by plastics and polymer composites. As a consequence
manufacturers are confronted with innovative applications based on these new
substrates and according demands of the end-consumer.

Illustrative examples include

  • replacement of coated aluminum lids for yoghurt and other dairy products by
    hot-seal treated, optionally metallized paper/polyester foils or respective
    individually refined polyester monofoils,
  • „fresh seal“- sealings with polyester foils for e.g. lettuce packaging,
  • Transparent lid foils for aluminum or APET trays.


Driven by the increasing demand for ever improved high-quality hot-seal systems,
ACTEGA Rhenania has put a strong emphasis towards development of a broad
range of products. As a result a variety of challenging demands can already be
fulfilled by commercial solutions:


  • Dealing properties: „low seal“ („easy peel“), „medium seal“, „high seal“
    (maximum of impermeability)
  • Material: PVC-free version
  • Processability: with/ without primer, on machines with low drying capacity, on
    heat-sensitive substrates
  • Optical appearance: Transparent or opaque


However, state-of-the-art packaging has more to deliver: Consumers usually
demand the perfect fit or combination which translates to a well-balanced mix of
long-lasting protection, impermeability, easy-open features, plus a practical and
appealing design.

Aluminum foils do withstand extended thermal treatment at relatively high
temperatures and aluminum converters by default work with drying units at
respective heat capacities. On the other hand heat treatment of polymeric foils has
to be controlled due to the inherent properties of the substrate which is reflected by
adapted equipment of according manufacturers. This fact is of major importance
for custom-tailored development of the individual hot-seal coating.

ACTEGA Rhenania’s product range of heat-seal specialties for aluminum foils has
been well known in the industry for decades. Based on this long-time experience
an extensive product portfolio for plastic foils serves current and future demands of
packaging converters accordingly.
Moreover, customers do profit from a competent technical field service which is
supported by a dedicated research staff. Next generation product developments
are already ongoing.


The Division ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants is a member of ALTANA group. ACTEGA develops and produces specialty coatings and sealants for the packaging and the graphic arts industry. These products not only give materials such as paper, paper board, plastic and metal an attractive appearance, but also give the material surface clearly defined chemical and physical properties.

The main customer for the products developed, manufactured and sold by ACTEGA is the packaging industry. ACTEGA is the market leader in overprint varnishes and sealing compounds for closures and glass containers, in the case of water-based sealants for cans and coatings for flexible packaging ACTEGA is the technological leader.

The coatings guarantee not only that the packaging will look appealing, but also that the contents remain fresh for longer; those products make sure that soft surfaces become scratch resistant, metal does not rust and paper becomes non-sensitive for water.

The sealing products create a seal between two contact surfaces, such as glass on metal (bottle closures) or metal on metal (can ends); they ensure that the filling good (e.g. beer) remains inside the packaging and any contaminants (e.g. Oxygen, which causes beer to go stale) remain outside.