TO LOCAL GROWTH

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                      TO ADDED VALUE

  •                  FROM TALENT

                      TO LEADERSHIP

  •                  FROM INVESTMENT

                      TO EXCELLENCE


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Creating Added Value at ALTANA

At ALTANA, we create added value for our customers, employees, owner, and society as a whole through our close proximity to customers, innovative top achievements, and sustainable solutions. To this end, we invest in future technologies, expand in growth markets, establish consistent and global promotion of internal talent, and always have our customers in mind in everything we do. On the following pages you can read how we manage to create added value in concrete cases.

ALTANA is paving the way for sustainable profi-table growth by acquiring business activities, through innovative technologies, and by inves-ting strongly in its core business. Thanks to our excellent financial position, we can implement our growth strategy consistently and successfully.


Leading in everything we do – this applies particularly to the ALTANA Group’s diverse products. Innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers make an important contribution toward strengthening our competitive position and conserving resources.


The ALTANA Group’s employees are its most important resource. In order to ensure the lasting success of our company, we promote their professional development and prepare them for leadership positions. A special focus is on young talent, specialists, and managers.


Thanks to our sustainable growth strategy, we at ALTANA create the necessary added value for our stakeholders, our employees, and our customers. We achieve this through our outstanding products and processes in manufacturing as well as research and development.


The ALTANA Group aims to grow profitably in the long term. We therefore not only gear our entrepreneurial decisions to economic and social necessities, but also consider ecological aspects. This triad of economy, ecology, and corporate social responsibility reflects our understanding of sustainability.


ALTANA practices good corporate citizenship by promoting many small and large social projects relating to education, science, and research. We show that we are a good neighbor by supporting initiatives near our sites in Germany and abroad.