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                      TO EXCELLENCE

Thanks to our sustainable growth strategy, we at ALTANA create the necessary added value for our stakeholders, our employees, and our customers. We achieve this through our outstanding products and processes in manufacturing as well as research and development.

ALTANA offers its customers around the world excellent specialty chemical solutions, which make products used in daily life better and more sustainable. As they have innovative product characteristics, are environmentally friendly, and are safe, they assure our customers the necessary competitive edge. This is made possible by the ALTANA Group’s production and research and development at our 47 manufacturing sites and 60 service and research laboratory sites across the globe.


ACTEGA DS has special solutions for closures and packaging that customers want. As a result, the ALTANA Group creates added value for its stakeholders. Its innovative strength enables high and sustainable growth for ACTEGA DS. In order to become even more innovative, sustainable, and efficient, the company is consistently investing in the expansion of the site.

“Even for me as an experienced production manager, it is extremely fascinating to test new processes during production,” says Laurent Bled. This challenge appeals to the production manager at ACTEGA DS in Bremen and motivates him to be fully committed to the company’s current large project. The specialist for innovative closure and packaging technologies is investing 20 million euros to expand the site. By 2021, the area for production, research and development (R&D), and storage is to be extended by 8,000 square meters. This will create enough space to double production capacities and triple R&D capacities.

The around 150 employees of ACTEGA DS have ambitious plans. The ALTANA Group’s closure and packaging specialist not only intends to defend its position as a globally leading supplier of innovative, sustainable technologies for sophisticated and application-oriented solutions, but to extend it. ACTEGA DS is going on the offensive. Apart from the food and beverage industry, it is focusing increasingly on the medical technology and consumer goods sectors. ACTEGA DS wants to grow by up to 10 percent a year in future markets.

Operational Excellence
“Our claim ‘Change to Lead’ sums it up,” says Wilfried Lassek, the managing director of ACTEGA DS. ”Our project is not only a site expansion. We are investing in technological progress in order to improve our competitive position.” Optimization of the production processes is a key contributor to the necessary excellence. The use of resource-saving technologies is another. As a consequence, the energy efficiency of the new buildings will be improved decisively.

Due to the consistent implementation of ALTANA’s sustainability thinking, moreover, employees will no longer have to engage in difficult physical work such as raw-material preparation in the course of process optimization.Due to investments in additional automation measures in conveyor technology, such physically burdensome work will largely disappear. In parallel, new jobs are created, which makes ACTEGA DS more attractive for specialists.

Prepared for higher growth – with double the amount of product capacities and triple the amount of R&D capacities. This also includes a filling facility (photo on the left), a tensile tester for R&D (photo in the middle), and crown cork inspection.

Digitalization for Greater Customer Satisfaction 
ACTEGA DS is not only improving its production conditions, but also its innovative strength. Due to the expansion of applied R&D, the site will become an innovation center for closure and packaging solutions. In the process, ACTEGA DS will consistently use digitalization to develop new solutions for our customers. “We are creating structures that will enable us to develop individualized solutions with our customers right here,” says Wilfried Lassek with conviction. For him one thing is clear: “Digitalization, used properly, will help us achieve the required versatility and flexibility in the face of rapidly changing markets.” 

The foundation is laid – for the 8,000-square-meter expansion of ACTEGA DS in Bremen. The ­ALTANA Group is investing around 20 million euros to expand the site. Managing director Wilfried Lassek and his project team have a look at the progress that has been made at the construction site.