ACTEGA Rhenania Launches Solvent-free Adhesives Based on Renewable Raw Materials

Following growing customer demand, a novel series of solvent-free polyurethane adhesives for laminates to be used in packaging has been developed by ACTEGA Rhenania. During the past couple of years solvent-free polyurethane adhesives have gained a steadily increasing importance for laminate production in the packaging industry. Compared to classical solvent-borne polyurethane adhesives there is no need for solvents to be employed during processing and they are applied at lower coating weights. Consequently these materials involve economic and ecological advantages.

It thus became a primary task to develop adhesives with a dominant amount of biomass-based raw materials. This initiative is part of a number of sustainability programs to optimize products and processes by reducing the employed amount of petrochemical raw materials as well as the emission of carbon dioxide.

Today ACTEGA Rhenania offers a respective range of adhesives which are characterized by the following core properties:

  • High content of polyols based on renewable raw materials which can be cured preferably by aliphatic polyisocyanates. Formed polyurethanes are based on an approx. 65 - 80% content of biomass.
  • Involved raw materials, such as castor oil derivatives, have already been broadly used on a global scale for a variety of other applications. Formulations have been optimized towards a major amount of these renewable raw materials and product performance.
  • All raw materials are listed in relevant food law regulations.
  • Processability in common laminating machines and the overall performance comply with classical solvent-free polyurethane adhesives. Working temperatures are 40 - 70 °C depending on the specific formulation. Moreover it is possible to laminate inorganic surfaces, such as SiOx layers or aluminum foil.





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