ALTANA organizes draw for high-quality chemistry experiment sets for elementary schools

Class Act! The Winning Schools Have Been Chosen

ALTANA invited schools and school pupils of elementary school age through the press to make a creative submission for one of eight high-quality chemistry experiment sets. The results are really impressive.

CEO Dr. Matthias L. Wolfgruber today presented school pupils at the Konrad Duden elementary school in Wesel, representing all the winners, with an experiment set: “Simply fantastic just what great ideas the school children from the Wesel district have!” The submissions show above all that the children want to grapple with chemistry.

That is precisely the reason why ALTANA wanted to find winners for the sets, which consist of teaching materials, experiment and laboratory equipment, as well as ALTANA lab coats and safety glasses. “We would like to deliberately awaken a spirit of discovery and an interest in the natural sciences by means of exciting, child-friendly experiments,” Dr. Wolfgruber states.

The splendid submissions arrived in every shape and size: painted like a portrait, made like a chemical plant, photographed and filmed, with rapping, dancing and singing:

Everyone a winner!

But the most important thing: who won? ALTANA had nominated 14 winners for eight experiment sets. “When we looked at all the great designs, we did not want to reject anyone.” So ALTANA decided without further ado to acquire another six experiment sets. Congratulations, then, to the 14 winners whose submissions can be seen here! The winning schools are the Konrad Duden community elementary school in Wesel, the Wesel inner-city community elementary school, the Hamminkeln community elementary, the Fusternberg Wesel community elementary, the Schule am Deich Wesel-Bislich school, the St. Marien-Schule Moers school, the Am Quadenweg community elementary school, the Blumenkamp community elementary in Wesel, the Bruchschule Dinslaken school, the Theodor Heuss school in Wesel, the Sonsbeck elementary, the Eick-West Moers elementary, the St. Peter Rheinberg elementary school, and the Am Brüner Tor Platz, Wesel community elementary school.

The sets will be delivered immediately once the holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia are over. 


CEO of ALTANA AG, Dr. Matthias L. Wolfgruber, presents an experiment set to the school pupils of the Konrad Duden elementary schools in Wesel, representing all the winning schools.

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