ANTI-TERRA®-250 - A successful concept transferred to aqueous systems

 Wesel, 27.11.2009: Waterborne coating systems containing inorganic pigments and extenders tend to settle and separate. Commonly used deflocculating additives achieve a perfect stabilization of pigments but the settling tendency normally increases.

However, controlled flocculating wetting and dispersing additives such as ANTI- TERRA®-203 and ANTI-TERRA®-204, which were developed years ago for solvent-borne paints, stabilize pigments as well and form a three-dimensional network via hydrogen bonds thus resulting in improved anti-settling properties.


To comply with the requirements of recent waterborne formulations, BYK transferred the successful concept of controlled flocculating additives and designed the logical successor – ANTI-TERRA®-250.


ANT-TERRA®-250 offers superb stabilization of fillers and inorganic pigments resulting in good color acceptance and low ΔE values in the coating system. Floating and flooding of these pigments is prevented and, due to the thixotropy effect, settling and sagging in aqueous systems is avoided.


The wetting and dispersing additive is recommended amongst other things for water-reducible primers, emulsion paints and floorings. Especially in waterborne self-leveling floorings based on epoxy resins, ANTI-TERRA®-250 improves flow and leveling. The additive has a high solids content and is free of solvents.