BYK European dealer network reshuffle for newly acquired wax additives business

As from July 1, 2009, BYK will integrate the European marketing of its new wax additives, acquired in the throes of taking over the Netherlands-based Dick Peters b.v., into its existing dealer network.

The following countries are affected by the change:
• Germany (Krahn Chemie)
• Belgium / Netherlands / Luxemburg (Keyser & Mackay)
• France (IMCD)
• Danube Region (Polychem)
• Spain (Comindex)
• Turkey (Feza Ticaret Saffet Bozkurt)
• Sweden / Norway / Finland (Algol)

BYK produces wax additives in the Dutch town of Denekamp. Their possible applications cover such diverse fields as forms for metal casting, adhesives, and cleaning and care products.

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