BYK®-313: polyester-modified silicone for solvent-borne systems

Very compatible silicones are essential especially when they are used in coatings of low film thicknesses, e.g. can-coating applications. Only then is it possible for them to produce a perfect wetting of critical substrates, an increase of surface slip and good crater resistance. Low silicone additive dosages often have difficulties in achieving this performance. Many silicones are not suitable at all or cannot be used in higher amounts to fulfill the food contact legislation.

On the other hand, BYK®-313 can be used in a higher dosage without exceeding the limits for food contact. Due to this fact a good wetting of critical substrates is achieved.

BYK®-313 is free of HAPS and aromatic solvents. The additive shows a strong reduction of surface tension, higher slip and gloss together with an excellent compatibility in a variety of solvent-borne coatings systems.


BYK®-313 can be used in the following applications:


  • Can & coil coatings
  • General industrial coatings
  • Automotive coatings
  • Wood & furniture coatings