BYK®-P 4102: polymeric processing additive for pigments and fillers in thermoplastic systems

Over the years, requirements for color masterbatches have increased continually.

Despite improved extrusion technology, the dispersion of organic pigments often presents a challenge. The use of a suitable dispersing agent has thus become practically indispensable.

However, waxes and fatty acid derivatives now in use generally produce unsatisfactory results in terms of pigment dispersion and stabilization.


BYK®-P 4102, by contrast, is a highly efficient polymeric processing additive which:  

  • improves pigment / filler dispersion
  • increases the correlation between lab and production color matching
  • optimizes throughput due to lower filter pressure value
  • positively influences viscosity behavior (MVR)
  • has a broad application spectrum


The additive works in two steps: In the first step, one of the additive’s building blocks provides a low melting temperature and viscosity, resulting in excellent wetting of pigments and fillers. BYK®-P 4102 adsorbs on the pigment or filler surface, thus ensuring improved and more consistent dispersion. In the final product, the film shows a higher transparency and homogeneity. In the second step, another ingredient in the additive enables a better processability in the extrusion process. The melting viscosity of the masterbatch or compound is reduced and due to the lower filter pressure value the throughput of the material is higher. 



BYK®-P 4102 is suitable for us n a variety of thermoplastic compounds and masterbatches based on PE, PP, ABS, PA and PVC.