BYK®-SILCLEAN 3720: Permanent protection and outstanding cleaning action for aqueous coating systems

After the successful launch of BYK®-SILCLEAN 3700 for solvent-borne systems, BYK has developed with BYK®-SILCLEAN 3720 a new, reactive additive that prevents the accumulation of dirt on the coating surfaces of aqueous two-pack systems, baking systems and UV coatings.


The effect of the additive is based on its great interfacial activity. It orientates itself directly to the coating surface and gives the coating both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. At the same time, it reduces the polar part of the coating system’s surface tension, thereby improving the cleanability of the coating. Its OH functional groups allow BYK®-SILCLEAN 3720 to be directly integrated into the polymer matrix and fixed there. The result is a permanent cleaning effect.


BYK®-SILCLEAN 3720 demonstrates outstanding chemical resistance to, for example, vinegar, coffee, tea, red wine or mustard. Surfaces stained with oil, coffee, felt tip (marker) or other impurities are easily cleaned through the use of this additive.


The anti-graffiti and tape-release properties are equally remarkable. Hence surfaces sprayed with graffiti, for instance, can be made completely clean again with very little effort.


BYK®-SILCLEAN 3720 also improves substrate wetting, leveling and slip. The system should therefore be tested first without any further addition of surface additives. Other coating properties are not affected by the use of BYK®-SILCLEAN 3720. However, because of the working mechanism, recoating is only possible after careful pretreatment of the substrate.