ECKART will present numerous new products at the European Coatings Show (ECS) 2013 in Nuremberg. For example, it will be  unveiling its METALURE®  Liquid Black. This underscores the company’s position  as market leader in high-end effect pigments.

A "world first" in PVD pigments: METALURE® Liquid Black

METALURE®  Liquid Black is the name of the new, night black effect pigment that ECKART will be presenting at the ECS 2013. It is the only PVD pigment in the world with such a dark appearance.

METALURE®  Liquid Black is based on chromium oxide. Its dark, reflective effect is obtained through an especially elaborate metallization process. The new pigment not only achieves impressive optical effects. It is also extremely resistant to chemicals and all conceivable loads.

METALURE®  Liquid Black is chemically inert, completely free of chromium VI compounds, and thus non-toxic. This innovative effect pigment is an obvious candidate for all common coating systems, and opens up an enormous range of new options in design and applications.

Seminal new developments in the PVD product portfolio

ECKART has been manufacturing PVD products itself since 2011. During that time, the company has expanded its portfolio by adding many innovative products. ECKART already has a total of six product series for solvent-based coating systems. The first one is a newly developed pigment with an optical density (OD) of 3.0, which generates very light, almost white effects similar to chromium. At the other end of the scale are the thinnest pigments, with an OD of 0.6 for an exceptionally dark metallic appearance. The portfolio comprises products with various particle size distributions.

ECKART has succeeded in deriving an even finer variation from the darkest version to date in this product range. The result is unique: the world’s darkest PVD pigment based on aluminum, METALURE® A-61006 BG.

ECKART has developed two more innovations for use in waterborne coating systems: HYDROSHINE WS 3003 and 3004 with SiO2 encapsulation. Both of these products have excellent chemical resistance without compromising on optical effect. Even with the encapsulation, full brilliance is retained in comparison with the raw material.


At the ECS, ECKART is showing a number of new color tones and additional nuances from its LUXAN pearlescent pigment range. They will give customers an even wider choice of particle sizes, to suit the desired application and appearance. These synthetic pigments are based on highly transparent borosilicate glass that creates the impressive sparkle effect. LUXAN produces unusual, three-dimensional reflection effects and adds depth. The specially encapsulated product LUXAN CFX is recommended for use in the automotive and industrial sectors, which have high standards concerning resistance to the weather and to chemicals.


ECKART is also bringing its brand new SYMIC pearlescent pigments to the ECS in a warm gold shade and in various shades of red. They complement the classical color range of blue and silver shades. The SYMIC range also enables customers to choose between various nuances.
SYMIC is based on synthetic mica substrates that are finished by the application of advanced coatings and special classification technologies. This results in extremely pure shades and a high degree of transparency. In bright color designs in particular, SYMIC creates color-neutral sparkling effects.
The stabilized SYMIC variant with a special, narrow particle size distribution is called SYMIC OEM. Its special strengths are the optical effects and its outstanding resistance to the weather and to chemicals, along with excellent intercoat adhesion.

Innovations for powder coatings

Pure gold shades with ideal resistance
Finest silverdollar pigments for the most brilliant metallic effect

Another innovation from ECKART at the ECS will be the resistant gold shades for powder coatings, which are unique the world over. ECKART is expanding its established PCU family with the addition of the new products PCU Rich Gold 4000, PCU Copper 4000 and PCU Aloxal 2000 (champagne shade).

Until now, powder coatings had to be made with pearlescent pigments because that was the only way to achieve the desired resistance. However, this meant compromising in the range of golden colors and on the functional properties. The innovative development from ECKART is a special coating process for new pigments. Not only do they exhibit warm gold, copper and champagne tones, but they also demonstrate excellent opacity and ideal resistance to both corrosion and chemicals.

Another innovation is the product PCS 900 that ECKART has developed to meet the huge demand on the powder market for bright, metallic effect pigments with a particle size distribution of less than 10 µm. The new, fine silverdollar pigment achieves an extremely bright, almost white metallic look.

The ECKART Group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of metallic effect and pearlescent pigments and metallic printing inks. The group of companies with today globally about 1, 850 employees develops, produces and distributes metallic effect and pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form and also in concentrates, dispersions and print inks. ECKART products are used in the graphics, coatings, plastics and lightweight concrete industries, as well as in cosmetics and personal care products. ECKART is represented in more than 70 countries as of the present day.
The company is a member of ALTANA AG. ALTANA develops and produces high quality, innovative products in the sector of specialty chemicals. Please find more information on the company and its products on our website