Video Service/Footage Material

Belowe we have compiled footage material from ALTANA and some of our divisions. The list gives you a good idea of the development and production processes, divided according to topic.

Short film clips with a reduced image resolution indicate the content of the available films. Would you like to order the complete material with all the clips listed? Then please click send us your address data. We will be happy to send you a DVD.  Contact:

Length Download
ALTANA Film 2:50 min  
Headquarters 1:59 min .mp4 (15,7 MB)
Headquarters interior 0:49 min .mp4 (7 MB)

Headquarters exterior

1:06 min .mp4 (6,6 MB)
BYK Additives & Instruments
Labor I, "Miniplant" 0:40 min .mp4 (9,6 MB)
Labor II 0:53 min .mp4 (5,7 MB)
Labor III, Chromatograph 2:19 min .mp4 (13,6 MB)
Labor IV, Farbprüfung 0:36 min .mp4 (6,7 MB)
Quality Control 0:42 min .mp4 (10 MB)
Complete 6:41 min .mp4 (48 MB)

Raw materials, labortory staff

1:41 min .mp4 (9,4 MB)
Labor II, Effektlackierung 1:29 min .mp4 (11,2 MB)
Aluminum pigment production 2:42 min .mp4 (27 MB)
Paint production and filling 0:46 min .mp4 (5,4 MB)