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Subscribe to the ALTANA press releases and news in the form of RSS feeds - and you will receive the releases directly on publication supplied to your RSS newsreader. It goes without saying that this service is absolutely free!

The following feeds are available:

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Would you like to use RSS for the first time?

Our instructions will show you how to proceed.

  • Subscribe to RSS feeds by means of a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox)

    Click on one of the links above. On the page you are directed to, you will see a yellow box. Please select here the link "Subscribe to this feed" and confirm this by clicking on "Subscribe". You will then find your feed in the explorer toolbar "Feeds" (Internet Explorer) or in the bookmark toolbar (Firefox).

  • Subscribe to RSS feeds by means of a feed reader

    Download any feed reader you like and install it. Enter in the feed reader the address of the news feed that you wish to subscribe to - you will find the links above. Finally, you can define in your feed reader the time interval in which the news feed should be updated and how you would like to be informed about new content.

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