Newcomers and Knowhow Hunters

At ALTANA, my abilities as a newcomer and a knowhow hunter complement one another perfectly.

During my working hours I constantly deal and am confronted with innovations and knowhow. Soon I will take on a new position, supervising a project dealing with access protection and identity. I’ll be supported by my boss and parameters and guidelines will be defined. But I can act and make decisions freely within these parameters. This gives rise to successful cooperation.

Our Employees

Svetislav Stefanovic

Svetislav Stefanovic has been at BYK for eight and half years now. Previously, he finished his training and then worked towards becoming an external advisor for BYK. His decision to seek a fulltime job in IT at ALTANA was based on his desire to be part of the workforce and have a secure job near his hometown.

Progress can only lead to lasting success if it rests on strong foundations. At ALTANA, this basis is created by our identity, our value system, and our competencies. We derive both strength and motivation from it. Our employees acknowledge this basis, interpret it, and live it in their everyday work. Here you will find our employees’ personal perceptions.

Innovation not only means that employees should be “well read,” but also that they should participate actively, for example should go to tradeshows and conferences. Employees are expected to make suggestions and to think about innovation. As a result, they can broaden their horizons, generate new ideas, and experience how other companies operate. ALTANA promotes this kind of “innovative thinking.”

At ALTANA, independent work is fostered and demanded. You can take advantage of the scope of action you are given and now and then go beyond it and plumb it. Subsequently you have to recognize whether the decision was good or not. As a team leader, I can make decisions myself every day and have a lot of room to act.

My IT department is especially innovative because we are always one of the first to introduce IT products (we are reference customers for SAP, for instance). Networks play a very big role, so that you don’t feel switched off, and for building understanding (for example, open communication is important to understand why you waited so long before introducing a new program). Cooperation with suppliers (especially in the IT segment) plays an enormous role because they often show us trends, for example long-term suppliers often give ALTANA tips on new tendencies, and so on. Because you can’t know everything that happens on the markets. This makes the company more innovative!

Working at ALTANA gives employees a lot of security – “you can be sure of what you’re doing!”

Our Employees introduce themselves

In this video, staff members talk about their daily work and explain why they are both newcomers and knowhow hunters.