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ALTANA Cubic Ink® High Performance Materials suitable for DLP, LCD, SLA and Material Jetting

Discover the steady growing Cubic Ink® resin portfolio. It is designed for DLP, LCD and SLA 3D printing technologies and focusses on industrial Additive Manufacturing. Our materials are developed to meet application requirements regarding long-time performance determining properties such as temperature-, UV- and chemical-resistance. Special properties are among others, ESD-capability, flame-retardancy, good elasticity and a high impact strength.

Discover the Cubic ink® portfolio. It is designed for Material jetting and Inkjet applications and focusses on multicolor and multimaterial printing. Our materials are developed to work on various print systems and can be highly customized. Special properties among others, are high wear resistance, balanced thermal form-stability vs impact strength and chemical resistance.

Fulfilling customer wishes, thinking ahead, or even exceeding customer requirements: with this aspiration, ALTANA offers innovative 3D printing materials for additive manufacturing in industry.

We are setting new standards for industrial 3D printing. As one of the leading international specialty chemicals companies, ALTANA offers you highly innovative UV-curable resins and inks for DLP, LCD, SLA and material jetting 3D printing technologies. We address industrial relevant properties, such as reduced environmental ageing, flame-retardancy, heat resistance, impact strength, true elasticity and ESD capability. When it comes to material jetting, sets of compatible inks specially designed for multimaterial 3D printing are available including a broad range of properties, colors and the relevant water-soluble or water-breakable support materials.

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We are looking forward to presenting our innovations and enhanced material solutions to current and future partners and customers. If you want to know more about the Cubic Ink® material portfolio, contact us directly or come and see us at the planned events. 


The special Cubic Ink® advantages

ALTANA's Cubic Ink® team consists of employees with diverse experience not only in chemistry, but also in printing technology and application. Cubic Ink® 3D printing materials are created in close cooperation with partners and customers in additive manufacturing. Cubic Ink® benefits not only from existing structures of the ALTANA group, but also from the broad chemistry knowledge of all business units including Scale-Up, Production, Regulatory, Logistics, Legal and Marketing.

As a pioneer in material development, ALTANA focuses on industrial application and customer added value. This also means that materials can be adapted to specific customers and applications. Our printing and process know-how as well as our machinery consisting of state-of-the-art DLP, LCD, SLA and material jetting 3D printers enable processing on all common printing systems. Cubic Ink® materials are not only tested internally in the important process steps such as washing and post-exposure/post-curing, but also comprehensively and extensively characterized with regard to all important performance indicators.

With Cubic Ink®, ALTANA offers a steadily growing resin and ink portfolio for use in all common UV curing-based 3D printing technologies: DLP, LCD, SLA and Material Jetting. These are materials that stand out in your property profile in the market. Some of our focus topics are reduced ageing, chemical resistance and elasticity. In material jetting, various material systems with mutlimaterial capability are available for a wide range of inkjet systems.

Any questions? We are happy to help!

Do you have any questions? We are here to assist you. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any help or information. You can contact us at cubic.ink@remove-this.altana.remove-this-also.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon and providing the support you need.