ALTANA Awarded

We want to be leading in everything we do.

Our commitment is paying off. We express our social responsibility by contributing to various initiatives and have been awarded multiple times.

ALTANA among the top 30 in Germany in studies on career-relevant online activities.

In the current ranking by Potentialpark ALTANA is once again among the top 30 most applicant friendly online career sites in Germany. For the ranking, the Swedish market research company Potentialpark asked students and graduates about their frustrations and experiences when looking for a job and applying for a job, for example, and analyzed 792 companies worldwide with 5266 online presences - including 140 companies from Germany. While we made it to 22nd place in the overall ranking of the study, we are particularly proud of the results in the areas of career websites (9th place) and online applications (13th place).

In the competition to attract young talent and specialists, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to launch their own advertising campaigns and to promote themselves as attractive employers. In this context, online activities on websites or in social media are emerging as a key pillar of marketing and recruiting activities. We are pleased that ALTANA has again been recognized for its commitment in this area, and that, we have been once again ranked among the top 30 despite increasing competition from numerous large well-known corporations. At the same time, the award is also an encouragement for us to maintain and continuously optimize our quality in online recruitment.

Facts about the Potentialpark survey

ALTANA performs well in apprentice marketing

Together with, Potentialpark conducted a representative survey among more than 6,000 students and evaluated 125 employers for their student-friendliness. In the ranking of the AzubiComm Study 2020, published for the first time, the ALTANA Group is among the TOP 30 employers with the most student-friendly apprenticeship marketing in Germany across all industries (27th place). The career website, application process as well as the mobile and social media activities were part of the assessment on the basis of a total of 134 different criteria. The results of the study show that we are already on a good way to informing our target groups about our different apprenticeship professions and dual study offers and to winning them over for applications. On our career page, current and former apprentices report, for example, about their application process or about the curriculum during their training as well as possible perspectives after successful completion.

At the same time, the award is an incentive for us to further increase the attractiveness of vocational training in the ALTANA Group and to provide transparent and target group-oriented information about the opportunities to serve an apprenticeship within the ALTANA Group. However, after the study is also before the study. For instance, we use the results of the study to find out how pupils approach when they are looking for an apprenticeship, what significance the apprenticeship has and what they expect from the information and application process. Of course we are also happy to be inspired by best-practice examples from other companies.

Study BEST RECRUITERS Germany 2019/20: 1st place for ALTANA in the industry sector "chemistry"

In the eighth study by Best Recruiters this year ALTANA was once again able to convince with another industry victory and a place among the top 30 in the overall ranking of the 415 top employers tested in Germany and can now call itself "Germany's Best Recruiters" in the chemicals ranking.

Industry Ranking Chemical Industry

  2. BASF SE
  3. K+S AG
  4. EVONIK Industries AG
  5. Wacker Chemie AG
  6. Heraeus Holding GmbH

Best Recruiters cooperates with the Fachhochschule Koblenz für Personal- und Bildungswesen (Koblenz University of Applied Sciences for Human Resources and Education) and, according to its own information, is the largest recruiting study in the German-speaking area.

The Best Recruiters study examines each year the recruiting quality of top German employers based on four pillars. This includes e.g. the assessment of the online recruiting presence. Moreover, the online measures in the areas of career sites and the Social Web were analyzed. In addition, the companies had to face an online job advertisement analysis: How meaningful and appealing do employers design their job advertisements? Furthermore, Best Recruiters evaluated how employers treat applicants: How do employers react to unsolicited applications and how do they behave in personal applicant contact? Last but not least, it was the applicant feedback that counted: What impressions do employers leave behind in the application process?

We are a member of the Luxembourg Declaration on Workplace Health Promotion in the European Union.

Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) is the combined efforts of employers, employees and society to improve the health and well-being of people at work.

This can be achieved through a combination of:

  • improving the work organisation and the working environment
  • promoting active participation
  • encouraging personal development

"We want to ensure through responsible action that neither our products nor our working practices do any harm to people or the environment."

We have made the commitment to constantly improve our performance in terms of product stewardship, hazard prevention, environmental and health protection, occupational safety, and facility and transport safety. Additionally, we are facing the challenges of energy efficiency and use of renewable resources. We make every effort to utilize synergy potentials for the protection of the environment on the basis of a clear corporate structure and responsibility and through cross-business cooperation To align ALTANA even more toward sustainability and the conservative use of resources in the future, we have laid down corporate guidelines and objectives. Consequently, ALTANA AG, including all of its worldwide sites, is committed to maintaining defined environmental and safety standards. These are based primarily on the principles of the chemical industry's Responsible Care initiative. The managers in charge of sustainability review the corresponding performance indicators to verify the implementation of these principles.

You can find the entire text of the "Responsible Care" initiative here.

We welcome Bachelor and Master students!

Within the framework of the Bologna Process, formally initiated in 1999, more than 40 European states have agreed to create a common European Higher Education Area (EHEA) by 2010. The aim is to harmonize higher education systems in Europe, allowing periods of study completed in the signatory countries to be accredited (by means of a credit transfer system) and thereby increasing student mobility.

Against this background, ALTANA also supports the introduction of bachelor and master degree courses in the German higher education area. We offer graduates of all courses, with a bachelor's degree, master's degree, or doctorate, attractive entry and enhancement opportunities. We are thus taking advantage of the chance the changeover to the graduated academic structure provides to profit from the internationalism, practical relevance, modern teaching forms, and new subject matter aspired to.

Faced with an ominous skills shortage and, particularly, given the alarming shortage of graduates in mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, and technology (so-called MINT graduates), ALTANA has joined the concerted campaign "Bachelors Welcome - Ensuring the Next Generation of MINT Specialists!" The purpose of this initiative is to increase the proportion of students, boost the numbers of new students and graduates in the MINT subjects, and reduce the dropout rate.

You can find more information about the MINT initiative here.

We are voluntarily fair.

"The internship generation" - this group comprises many of today's university graduates who, before finding a permanent post, take on a series of often only badly paid or even unpaid internships. ALTANA has made a voluntary commitment to maintain fair treatment and remuneration of its interns, allowing it to bear the "Fair Company" seal of approval.

"Fair Company" is an initiative of the business magazine "Junge Karriere" (Young Career), which has set itself the goal of campaigning against the widespread exploitation of interns. It was launched in the fall of 2004 with 37 companies participating - a number which has by now grown to over 1000, with ALTANA among them. The patron of the initiative is Germany's current Labor Minister, Olaf Scholz.

There are five rules to which the "Fair Company" firms subscribe:

  • They must not fill any full-time positions with interns, alleged volunteers, guest students, or the like
  • They must not fob off a university graduate who has applied for a permanent post with an internship
  • They must not lure interns with the vague prospect of an eventual full-time position
  • They must provide internships primarily as professional orientation during the training phase
  • They must pay interns an adequate expense allowance

ALTANA needs and encourages well-qualified junior staff - our company is fully aware of their importance for our success. That is why we support the "Fair Company" objectives and are proud to be part of the initiative.

You can find further information about Fair Company here: