Open Innovation

Our innovation culture builds on our corporate values. We demonstrate openness, trust, appreciation, and empowerment to act in close exchange with external partners and institutions. One of the ways in which we continually develop is by openly exchanging knowledge. Because innovation is an investment that creates knowledge.

The ALTANA Institute is a statement of our open innovation culture. We invite leading universities and research institutes to work in a joint program on challenging basic research projects in order to create value and benefits for our customers. The ALTANA Institute is committed to defining future technologies and groundbreaking solutions of the 21st century.

Extensive exchange with universities, research institutes, and partners guarantees us continuous access to the latest technologies and trends.  

The ALTANA Institute centrally coordinates selected research and development projects for the company. In close cooperation with scientific partners, we work on customized and sustainable solutions that are in line with our customers’ visions of the future.

Through its close collaboration with science and business, the ALTANA Institute generates a clear competitive advantage in the early development of new fields of business and innovative technologies. 

Head of Science Relations

Dr. Christian Schaumberg

Tel  +49 281 670-10210
Fax +49 281 670-60210

ALTANA AG is a member, among others, of some innovation networks: 

Futurebizz is a Germany-wide “open innovation” network for companies in all industries.
It serves trend monitoring and the exchange of new business ideas on the topics of living and working.

KIT – Karlsruher Institut für Technologie Technology Entrepreneurship
initiated by Stefan Bräse - Institute of Organic Chemistry, A Theory-To-Practice Course

UnternehmerTUM GmbH - Center for Innovation and Business Creation – based at the Garching campus of the Technische Universität München devotes itself to fostering entrepreneurial talent and provides business plan seminars, workshops, a support program for junior executives, and assistance for prospective entrepreneurs free of charge.

The InnovationsAllianz (Innovation Alliance) works consistently to improve the collaboration between companies and other social organizations with the universities in North Rhine-Westphalia. Companies in NRW support the InnovationsAllianz in its aim to make North Rhine-Westphalia the top innovation site and to secure this position long-term.
Members of the "InnovationsClub NRW" are companies either based or represented with a branch office in NRW that, together with the InnovationsAllianz, represent a "spearhead for innovation in NRW" and are looking to strengthen the collaboration between science and industry in order to make the innovative ability of North Rhine-Westphalia stronger.

The IBB Netzwerk GmbH is an organization promoting the real economy in the field of industrial biotechnology. Purpose of this network is to speed up the implementation of scientific knowledge into innovative products and processes. The IBB network consists of members of the industry, small and medium-sized companies, universities, non-university research institutions, economic development agencies, consultants and associations.

The Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) is an international information and communications platform promoting the development of a competitive infrastructure for the production of organic electronics. OE-A represents the entire organic electronics value chain, from material manufacturers, to plant builders and manufacturers, to users.

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