ALTANA’s Guiding Principles

We are a global leader in specialty chemicals and want to expand and strengthen this position in the long term. We strive to further develop a strong corporate culture and shared values which are essential to achieving our goals.

In a rapidly changing world, we need a solid foundation and a common understanding of our company. We base our daily work on these Guiding Principles.

It is our firm belief that an atmosphere of trust and a spirit of partnership will make our company strong for the future. In addition to striving for business success,
fairness is at the center of our activities.

ALTANA is decisively characterized by its diversity. Our common corporate culture is driven by innovation, sustainability and motivation to perform. ALTANA employees worldwide have been involved in the creation of the ALTANA Identity. These principles do not only describe our self-understanding, but stand for our corporate culture.

For all employees, the ALTANA Identity serves as a mandatory basis for joint, goal-oriented action!


ALTANA is a global specialty chemicals company with employees and sites all over the world.

Working under the ALTANA umbrella are business divisions that offer their customers worldwide high-quality products and solutions. Each division acts under its own brand with global recognition value. At the same time we strive to maximize the benefits of collective knowledge and skills. ALTANA is headquartered in Wesel, Germany.

The company’s sites are generally run by local management. This ensures cultural integration, market proximity and fast decision-making processes.

Our shareholder structure facilitates long-term corporate success and provides commitment as well as continuity for our employees and customers. At the same time, it enables us to act quickly to take advantage of business opportunities.


We provide innovative solutions based on integrated chemical, formulation, and application expertise that make products of daily life better and more sustainable.

Our solutions open up growth or savings potential for our customers and can change entire markets.

As a result, we create value for our customers, employees, shareholder, and society as a whole.


ALTANA develops, produces, and markets specialty products worldwide. We define specialties as being

  • technology-driven
  • know-how-intensive
  • service intensive
  • difficult to replace

Business Model

ALTANA consequently gears its business model toward sustainable, profitable growth. ALTANA offers products and solutions with high added value for our customers in growing specialties markets. Through innovation, quality, and service we are strengthening our leading positions worldwide.

An active portfolio management helps to increase the value of our business. We expand our market positions by entering new business segments and technologies. Along with a high level of investment in research and development, we are the technology leader in our target markets.

The success and satisfaction of ALTANA’s customers is the priority of our work.

ALTANA wants to have a leading position in all target markets. ALTANA strives to sustainably increase sales and earnings above the industry average. We want to achieve an attractive return on the invested capital.

ALTANA attaches importance to long-term value growth and not to a short-term maximization of earnings.

We can only achieve these goals with our dedicated and skilled employees.

Customer Orientation and Quality

We anticipate the needs of our customers and are already working today on developing products and solutions that meet our customers’ requirements of tomorrow.

ALTANA ensures local proximity to its customers worldwide by providing extensive technical service at respective locations.

Quality is not only important to our products but also to the efficiency and results of our processes. ALTANA meets this requirement through significant quality awareness and comprehensive quality management.

Growth and Acquisition

ALTANA achieves sustainable, profitable growth by expanding its existing business. To do this, we continuously launch new products and explore new areas of application.

In addition to organic growth, targeted acquisitions are cornerstones of ALTANA’s strategy. Our acquisitions supplement existing business units, create new business segments, or enter into new markets.

Sustainability and Responsibility

ALTANA’s corporate duty is care for the health and safety of our employees and to protect the environment.

ALTANA views sustainability as a triad consisting of economy, ecology, and social responsibility. We are convinced that we can only be successful in the long term if we have our sights firmly set on all three aspects.

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Courage

Innovation is ALTANA’s growth driver. We create an innovation culture that puts us in a position to make the most of our competencies.

ALTANA expands its product portfolio through own developments, as well as through acquisitions and cooperative ventures with other companies, universities, and scientific institutes.

At ALTANA, innovation is not restricted to research and development but encompasses all processes in the company. Each employee is called upon to seek and realize improvements in their respective area of responsibility. To implement new ideas we take calculated risks. To do so requires courage, the awareness that we may suffer setbacks, and a willingness to take responsibility for mistakes and to learn from them.

Employees and Training

ALTANA employees understand the specialty chemicals business better than any of the competitors. We provide various opportunities to our employees to learn and to expand their skills.


Our corporate culture is shaped by mutual appreciation, fairness and tolerance. We respect different habits and customs.

ALTANA is an equal opportunity employer and is opposed to any kind of discrimination.


We are open to new ideas, different perspectives and other cultures. A positive attitude and the ability to give and receive constructive criticism are essential. We are willing to accept and to support change processes.

In search for the best solution we discuss and evaluate different opinions and perceptions openly, constructively and without bias. The final decision is jointly supported by all employees involved.

We continually provide information about our targets, strategies, and business development.

Empowerment to Act

We think and act entrepreneurially. ALTANA provides a high degree of freedom to take action to achieve agreed targets. Being empowered goes hand in hand with the accountability we assume.

We live the principles of delegation and decentralized management. We create value by cooperation and collaboration across the entire group. To be successful we work together as a team. However, it is always an individual that bears responsibility for the result.


Mutual trust is more than a basis for independent and responsible action. Standing by our agreements and recognizing our values are the prerequisite for this.

ALTANA places basic trust in each individual employee. Trust is a vital part of our company culture and the way we treat one another.

A film about the people at ALTANA

Gain insight into our company and our guiding principles. The film shows you the workings and culture of the ALTANA Group from the perspective of our colleagues. It was made on different continents at many companies within the ALTANA Group. With each fingerprint on the camera lens, the DNA of our company becomes clearer. The result: an authentic picture of ALTANA, made up of words and faces of the people who work here – worldwide.

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