ALTANA Global Purchasing Network

Welcome to ALTANA’s Global Purchasing Network

Cooperation in a spirit of partnership with our suppliers is essential for ALTANA’s corporate success.

Our aim is to draw not only on our own expertise but also on the knowhow, innovative strength, and experience of our suppliers. Together we develop strategies for optimizing our cooperation, from improvements to the logistics chain, to compliance with environmental aspects, to the development of joint innovation projects.

Growing together with our suppliers, to create common values and benefit collectively from this, is the essence of all strategic supplier partnerships at ALTANA. We rely on partners that have set global standards in terms of quality, costs, and innovative strength.

We are always looking for reliable partners. Why not learn about our requirements and get in touch with us? This could be the first step toward a long-term collaboration.

In order to maintain and strengthen the competitiveness of each ALTANA company, we strive to forge reliable long-term relationships with the most efficient, most innovative, and most competitive suppliers.

Our cooperation with our suppliers is characterized by partnership and fairness.

ALTANA Code of Conduct

ALTANA’s Code of Conduct was developed to provide our employees with practical guidelines for behavior that is in conformity not only with the law but also with our corporate objectives. It sets compulsory standards for the management and staff of the companies in the ALTANA Group. In all of our purchasing activities our behavior is in line with ALTANA’s Code of Conduct and ALTANA’s compliance guidelines.

The ALTANA Code of Conduct

What does it mean to be a partner of ALTANA?

ALTANA is committed to long-term sustainable development and we have the intention to be a sustainable and reliable partner in the value chain. We not only have high expectations of ourselves, but we expect our suppliers to comply with applicable laws. The purpose of the following Supplier Code of Conduct is, to make our suppliers aware of our additional requirements. A significant expectation is that our suppliers take responsibility for ensuring their conduct conforms to these principles. Suppliers shall ensure their own compliance with the Code as well as compliance throughout the upstream value chain.The principles set out in this Supplier Code of Conduct (“Code”) apply to all ALTANA suppliers worldwide and are the minimum requirements. 

ALTANA Supplier Code of Conduct

ALTANA’s Global Purchasing Network is a global community. As a strategic business unit function, we contribute continuously and sustainably to

  • improving the company’s general purchasing power,
  • building lasting relationships with suppliers,
  • optimizing all procurement-related processes in this context.

ALTANA’s Global Purchasing Network combines the knowhow and experience of all group members with the goal of supplying all necessary materials, systems, equipment, and services worldwide in order to give ALTANA a competitive edge.

ALTANA’s Global Purchasing Network is organized into projects in which all intra- and cross-divisional purchasing activities are handled by means of lead buying, bundling, or process optimization projects.

The network’s activities concentrate on realizing synergies across two or more ALTANA companies.

You want to reach out to us and become a partner of ALTANA?

Please give us the chance to learn more about your company by sharing some basic information with us.
To get in contact with us please fill in our supplier self presentation form.

ALTANA’s Global Supplier Network focuses on the following need groups:

ALTANA Global Purchasing is focused on following major items:

  • Alcohols (e.g. Neopentylglycol NPG)
  • Anhydrides (e.g. Dodecenyl Sussinic Anhydride DDSA, Maleic Anhydride MSA, Trimellitic Anhydride TMA)
  • Catalysts based on metals (e.g. Pt, Sn, Ti, Zn)
  • Cresylics (e.g. m-/ p-Cresol, Phenol, Mesitol, Xylenols)
  • Esters (e.g. Dimethylterephthalat DMT)
  • Epoxy Resins (solid/ liquid, chlorine-poor)
  • Isocyanates (e.g. MDIs, TDIs)
  • Melamine Resins
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Pigments (organic/ anorganic powders and pastes)
  • Polyether (e.g. Polyglycols, Polypropyleneglycols)
  • Polyvinyls (various types w/o PVC and PTFE)
  • Pyrrolidones (e.g. NEP; NMP etc.)
  • Silicones/ Silicone Compounds (e.g. Hexamethyldisiloxan, Tetraaethoxysilicat)
  • Solvents (e.g. Solvent Naphthas, Xylene)
  • Styrene Acrylates
  • UV-Monomeres/ Oligomer Mixtures (e.g. TMPTA, TPGDA)
  • Waxes (e.g. FT-, PE- and PTFE- Waxes) 

ALTANA Global Purchasing is focused on following major items:

  • Steel Drums
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Small Metal Packaging (e.g. conical and cylindrical cans)
  • IBC
  • Tin Plates Packaging 

ALTANA Global Purchasing is focused on following major items:

  • Facility Management Services and Auxiliaries
  • Office Supplies
  • Mobility Services (e.g. Flights, Hotels, Rental Cars, Travel Agency Services)
  • Energy (e.g. Gas, Electricity, Water)

ALTANA Global Purchasing is focused on following major items:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • IT-Services/ consulting

ALTANA Global Purchasing is focused on following major items:

  • Transport and Logistics Services (e.g. sea freight services, land transports, air freight services, Courier, Express and Parcel Services)
  • Market Data Services

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