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ALTANA believes in the added value of partnerships. At ALTANA Corporate Venturing, we focus on transformative, disruptive innovations and business models by partnering with and investing in startups. Through collaboration, startups can also benefit from ALTANA’s existing resources. These include access to markets and technologies, global reach, help in scaling technologies, strong R&D, as well as support when it comes to patent strategy or dealing with regulations.

Our interest

As ALTANA, we are looking for cooperation and investment opportunities around novel technologies, industrial applications, and business models especially in:


Materials for Printed Electronics

Functional inks for printed electronics enable innovative applications such as printed batteries or printed sensors

Changing the Game in Wire Coating

A novel process for wire enamel coating that does not require solvents. Superior electrical performance of the coated wire will impact e-mobility and other high growth markets.

Direct to Shape Printing

Digital printing on cylindrical packaging sets new standards in print quality, speed and sustainability.

The next level of metal extraction

A novel process of metal extraction from ore using reusable carrier material that brings significant energy and water savings to the mining industry.

Real-time Analytics for Concrete

Process monitoring during the mixing of concrete to optimize longterm durability and strength while minimizing process waste.

The Revolution in Printing

New to the world printing press that uses proprietary water-based LandaNanoink™, enabling faster printing with unprecedented color quality.

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