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Innovation Platforms

We focus our innovative strengths on new future-oriented technologies and markets. In doing so, we utilize our specific core competencies and also build new competencies. Hence with innovative solutions we support the visions of our customers.

We invest our innovative energy in technologies and on expanding specific competencies in order to address future visions in continuous dialog with our customers. ALTANA operates various platforms in order to consciously push ahead innovative issues and trends and to harness the strengths of our research. At the same time, we focus on new technologies and on advancing our own competencies.

Printed Electronics

Printed electronics brings together the knowhow and perspectives of chemistry, printing technology, and electronics. Instead of graphic printing inks, functional printing inks are now being used for printing, thus opening up the possibility of printing large, flexible substrates. During printing, electronic thin-film components are created, usually in several functional layers.

In comparison with conventional microelectronics, printed electronics stands out due to the simpler, more flexible, and more cost-effective production. There are manifold applications in the automotive industry as well as in the packaging and pharmaceutical sectors.

For years now ALTANA has invested heavily in the research and development of printed electronics. With a modern laboratory building for this technology platform, we laid the foundations for perspectives for this future-oriented, innovative technology.


With HELIOSONIC technology ALTANA supports the commercialization of the world’s first nozzleless inkjet digital printing technology. Regardless of the flexibility of the material, this technology can be used to print inks with large particles, high ink levels, and a large selection of binding agents digitally for the first time.

The technology makes use of laser light ultrasound waves to produce ink droplets and can be used for almost the entire spectrum of conventional gravure and flexo printing inks.  

Our target markets for this digital printing technology are effect printing, functional printing, security printing, and 3D printing.  

Additive Manufacturing - Cubic Ink®

With our commitment to 3D printing, we are investing in an overarching platform that professionally brings together the expertise of our specialised companies. In joint projects with hardware manufacturers, we are developing new products for the additive manufacturing market. Our current focus is on UV or dual-cure curing resins and inks.

Cubic Ink® offers customers innovative high-performance materials with, for example, flame protection, high heat resistance, ESD capability, toughness or high elasticity. Prototyping and transparent materials with adjustable refractive index complete our portfolio. Based on market requirements and feedback from customers and development partners, we are constantly improving our materials. We bring them to the next technical level in terms of their performance for production and end use.

For more Information click on the following link: Cubic Ink®

Industrial Biotechnology

The technological platform of industrial technology bundles the expertise of our four divisions in this segment and caters to the requirements of various industrial sectors. The development of bio-based substances (e.g. proteins or enzymes as additives) is just as much a part of our research work as the establishment of new technologies from the field of biotechnology – for example the chemical and biotechnological modification of biomolecules. The process of biosynthesis deploying enzymes as environmentally friendly catalysts is another focus of our activities.

The platform of industrial biotechnology uses its knowledge edge in direct contact with customers in order to convert specific requirements directly into concrete products.

Innovation presupposes constant further development of our competencies. Only those who are open to new perspectives can discover new things. We consciously invest in strengthening and developing our competencies and steadily expand them. In our competence platforms, we work globally across all disciplines in order to guarantee solutions for the future.

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