Health & Safety: ALTANA Acts According to the Principle of “Safety First”

Occupational safety and health protection are top priorities at ALTANA. We rely on an effective safety culture. Technical and organizational measures as well as training courses help to continually improve occupational safety and to firmly anchor the topic in the awareness of the workforce. Protecting our employees’ health is at the center of our actions.

Safety first

Safety management and the constant further development of the company’s safety culture are high priorities at ALTANA. Our efforts focus on preventing accidents in everyday work, on safe operation of production facilities, and on work and transport route safety. We create working conditions in which people can work safely. ALTANA is also working continuously on enhancing its safety culture, for example by expanding the competence of its employees through training courses.  

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Promoting health

Health protection is at the heart of everything we do. After all, healthy and motivated employees are an important prerequisite for our corporate success. ALTANA therefore implements a wide range of measures to promote health at the workplace and creates health counseling and lifestyle offers. Our preventive health protection measures include health days, regular courses on health-related topics such as sports and exercise, healthy nutrition, relaxation, and stress prevention. In this way, we support our employees’ efforts to improve their health. 

In addition, a good balance between private and professional life is of outstanding importance to maintain mental health. For this reason, we offer our employees special services at various locations, sometimes in cooperation with external partners. At the Wesel and Kempen sites, for example, the BYK division offers free and anonymous counseling by a health partner. The talks are intended, on the one hand, to help people find practicable solutions in acute crisis situations, and on the other, to provide assistance so that employees can master their daily lives better by means of long-term strategies. 

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