Your Spectrum of Advantages

In the ALTANA Group, you will work in a unique culture of innovation where the utmost importance is attached to promoting individual ideas and abilities as well as open, trusting interaction. ALTANA offers a lot of advantages.

Remuneration and other benefits

ALTANA offers its employees above-average compensation with short- and long-term earnings and performance-oriented components.

Every ALTANA employee contributes to the success of the company through his or her individual performance. If the remuneration includes variable components, these are linked both to the company’s economic success and to the individual performance contribution.

Employee benefit plan

Taking care of tomorrow today: In addition to the possibility of converting part of their gross income into additional retirement benefits, ATLANA also offers employees retirement plans financed by the employer.

Employee incentive plan

Independently of a stock-market listing, ALTANA offers its employees, legally possible, attractive programs for direct participation in the company’s success. The programs are long term and require that employees make their own investments. The payout depends on the development of the Group.

Employee events

Anniversary celebrations, summer parties, company parties, Christmas parties for children, trainees, and organization units, participation in sporting events, concerts, watch parties at major soccer events, and much more.


At some sites, we offer our employees childcare support, for example spots at daycare centers and kindergartens.  

Lifetime working time account

Flexible and predictable: This long-term account gives our employees the opportunity to save up part of their pay today in order to reduce the length of their working life.

Flexible working hours

Aside from standard part-time models, we also offer our employees the option of alternating telework. Together we work out an individual solution, which can be limited in time. The offer of course also applies to fathers and mothers on parental leave. In some cases it is combined with job sharing.

Mobile working

In some cases, employees can do their work at a place other than their company workplace, if the company and job-specific requirements allow for this.   

Health measures

We adhere to the guidelines set by the chemical industry’s worldwide Responsible Care initiative. For more information, see the “ALTANA Awarded” section.  

We are a member of the Luxembourg Declaration on occupational health and safety in the European Union. For more information, see the “ALTANA Awarded” section. 

Examples of how ALTANA practices preventive health protection include our local health days, regular courses on health-related topics such as exercise and movement, healthy nutrition, relaxation, and stress prevention.  

Company physician

Depending on the location, a company doctor or health service supports us in occupational health and safety.


Depending on the location, staff restaurants and local caterers provide our employees with varied and healthy food offerings for their physical wellbeing.

Food allowance

We bear a share of the costs for lunch at the employee restaurant.

Good connections

Our sites are normally situated near highways or in downtown areas and thus can be reached by public transportation.

Internet usage

Permitted during work breaks.


A sufficient number of parking spaces (in exterior parking lots and to some extent parking garages) are available at our sites.

Company cars

Depending on the employee’s job and position in the company, he or she is provided with a company car (electric cars are also available).  

Employee cell phones

Depending on the employee’s job and position in the company, he or she is provided with a cell phone.  


Before the first workday

Your arrival at the company will be announced before your first workday. You will be provided with a well-equipped workplace and receive an induction plan.



On the first day, you will be welcomed personally by your superior and given a tour of the company. In addition, you will be introduced to your colleagues and get to know all of the important premises. You will also receive a welcome folder with information about the Group and the local company.


The first week

During the first few days, you will carry out various induction conversations with your supervisor.  You will be introduced to the company, the divisions, and ALTANA’s corporate culture. The induction program also normally includes safety training, a tour of the manufacturing and laboratory facilities, and talks with members of the Human Resources department. The organizational unit provides information on IT and the administration area. In addition, there are a number of guidelines on certain processes.

Motivating and inspiring employees to achieve their goals.

Manager training with a focus on leadership

On six consecutive training days (spread over approximately six months), the participants jointly develop and train the success factors of a goal- and people-oriented leadership style.

Promoting talent.

Talent Evaluation Process

With our Talent Evaluation Process we promote targeted talent development and the use of high potentials across functional areas, companies, and sites.

Lifelong learning.

Further education and training

Employees can take advantage of local, external, and cross-site training courses.

Broadening horizons.

Cross Divisional Develpment Program Innovation

This development program focuses on junior staff with a scientific background. Over a period of two years, the employees work on projects in various areas of the Group – within and outside Europe – each lasting three to six months. The program involves a transfer to another position.

Exploring the world.

Assignments abroad and internationality

Employees have the opportunity to perform tasks and activities in international teams. In addition, stays abroad due to an assignment in another country are offered to further their professional and personal development.

Fairs & Events