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ACTEGA develops and produces specialty coatings, sealants, printing inks, and adhesives for rigid and flexible packaging and the graphic arts industry. These products not only deliver an attractive appearance to materials such as metal, paper, paper board or plastic, but also provide them with defined functionalities, such as high chemical resistance and physical durability.

ACTEGA regards the continuous development of sustainable and customer-oriented products, processes, and services as a particular responsibility. A global organization is ready to meet these requirements.

The division is the market leader in overprint varnishes and the technology leader in coatings for flexible packaging, which is a high-growth sector. ACTEGA products not only guarantee that the packaging will look appealing, but also provide for an extended shelf-life of the contents. ACTEGA is the leading manufacturer of water-borne and UV-curable overprint varnishes and effect lacquers, adhesives and printing inks for the graphic arts industry for applications on paper, paper board and plastics.

ACTEGA is the world‘s leading supplier of sealants for closures and glass containers; it is the technology leader in the area of water-based sealing compounds for cans. These products are used to seal contact surfaces, for example between glass and metal (bottle closures) or metal and metal (can ends). ACTEGA stands as a specialist for sealing compounds used in metal and plastic packaging. Furthermore, a wide range of protective coatings and hot seal lacquers as well as primers and adhesives is used mainly in the food and the pharmaceutical industries.

In 2023 ACTEGA employed a workforce of 1,354 and achieved sales of EUR 496 million. The division consists of eight companies each with a different product portfolio.

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