Andrea Traini

Company:ELANTAS Italia S.r.l.         
Role:Purchasing Manager
Location:Ascoli Piceno
Has been with the company since: 04/1999

You are nominated for the MDP project. What are your expectations for this project?
When I think of myself after MDP, I like to see me as a more skilled, more open, more expert manager, with a clearer idea of how to act and behave to the extent of bringing added value to ALTANA. I expect to go deeper into the issues I already know, to acquire new competences and to get trained at using my organizational and practical skills and by focusing my attention straight to the goal. 

This is basically what I expect from MDP and I am willing to give back to ALTANA and their business the precious treasure I am gathering at the moment in terms of added value at all the activities I will be involved in.

What has been your greatest success at ALTANA?
I started at ELANTAS in 1999 in the lab and I covered several positions since then. After seven years I moved to sales where I have had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the primary insulation market. Since June 2013 I have been in the purchasing department. 

I think my greatest success in ALTANA is to have contributed to the growth of ELANTAS Italia in the last 15 years by giving all my knowledge and skills for this goal, by improving analytic techniques in the lab, closing important contracts in Sales and in purchasing department.

In a few words, my biggest success in ALTANA has been to show flexibility, ability to adapt, making myself completely available to changes and to different kind of collaborations.

What characterizes the employees at ALTANA?
ALTANA has four values Appreciation, Openness, Empowerment to act and Trust and I have always met people, in ELANTAS Italia and across the 4 divisions, living these values. 
ALTANA is a worldwide group with many different cultures and when I meet colleagues coming from anywhere we work together, by discussing and evaluating different opinions and perceptions in an open and constructive way. 

I’m also impressed by their professionalism, competence and by their openness and commitment to ALTANA.

Please describe us your typical working day
My job is characterized by many business trips, meetings with suppliers, meetings with colleagues across the three plants of ELANTAS Italia. I coordinate the employees I have in my department by giving them tasks, inputs and by analysing purchasing data and orders. 

What are your goals for your professional development?
ALTANA is a dynamic company focused on Growth with a clear goal by the year 2020. 
I want to contribute to this growth challenging myself and by sharing all my ideas, knowledge and skills to achieve this goal.