Bapu Gawade

Company:ELANTAS Beck India Ltd.           
Role:Head of Technical Service, Primary Insulation
At the company since:01/2001

Please describe your professional experience to date.
I started my career with ELANTAS Beck India Ltd. in 2001 as an Executive in Engineering and Maintenance. I have had the opportunity to work on various facility development projects and energy-saving projects in the engineering department, and I have also successfully led one of the most ambitious projects in complete plant automation with a distributed control system.

How has ALTANA supported your career progression?
My efforts have always been adequately appreciated. In 2010, when there was a vacancy in Technical Services – Primary Insulation, I was given the opportunity to take over the job. I understand ‘change’ as a discipline which provides competitive differentiation and the ability to effectively adapt to the ever-changing world. I decided to take this opportunity and moved to the Technical Services department. The management support was excellent throughout this transition with regard to understanding my individual requirements and encouraging me to take up new challenges. 

I sincerely thank the company management for giving me such varied opportunities and fields to showcase my skills. 

What has been your greatest success to date?
My new role has helped me excel in several new product development projects. I successfully headed the BPG (Beck to Profitable Growth) project for the development of golden wire enamel. During a Six Sigma Green Belt ALTANA X project, I developed a state-of-the-art procedure for new product development and automated it with the development of a software solution. I have also worked as an expert in standardisation bodies such as BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), etc. 

What does innovation mean to you?
Over the last few years, the organisation has really transformed into a growth-oriented unit with focused team efforts to achieve ambitious goals. With the formation of the Market & Technology Development department in 2015, our focus now lies even more on the ‘customer’, with innovation and development as the key elements of our growth engine to achieve sustainable and profitable growth. It is really a pleasure to be part of this team.

How would you rate ALTANA as an employer? What do you like in particular?
The management is very supportive in regard to individual training and developmental needs, and it gives me immense pleasure to say that I completed my diploma in Business Management and graduated in Electrical Engineering while in my job.

The management is very active in realising and acting according to the ALTANA values and leading principles of ALTANA. Communication, teamwork, co-operation, personnel development as well as creating a good working environment are on the top of the agenda. 

One of the best places to work, for sure!