David Sarwatka

Company:ACTEGA DS GmbH
Role:Mechatronics Engineer Apprentice
Has been with the company since:2010

What characterizes the apprenticeship as mechatronics engineer at ACTEGA DS?
The apprenticeship at ALTANA also offers me many options after the apprenticeship e.g. opportunities for advancement in the company. I enjoy the work and the other employees are friendly and are willing to help when one gets stuck on something or has a question.

How would you rate ALTANA as an employer? What do you like in particular?
ALTANA is a competent company where a person can learn a lot and which offers a good introduction into working life. What I like in particular is that ALTANA stands behind its apprentices and employees.

What apprenticeship stations could you get to know so far?
The apprenticeship phases that I have gone through to date are limited to maintenance and servicing.

How do you like vocational school?
The vocational school is challenging and complex, but very educational and informative.

Could you give us some advice for those looking for an apprenticeship spot?
First of all, a person should be clear on which area they can incorporate their strengths and weaknesses and whether or not they would like to work in this area. If a person is sure, they should gather information about different companies. If a person knows where they would like to work or start their apprenticeship, they should apply only there and make a good impression.