Horst Hafner

Company:ECKART GmbH           
Role:Process Engineer Production
Has been with the company since:03/1984

Please give us an insight into your professional career
After finishing school, I initially finished an apprenticeship for heating and air conditioning construction.  While working for Eckart, I then received a chemical plant worker degree and later on in addition, I successfully completed my craftsman master degree in chemistry.

For which tasks/projects are you responsible in your role as Senior Project Manager?
My responsibilities include, for example, product development in the area of aluminum pigments. I thus work on non degrading flakes with improved optical properties. We also develop new milling processes for the production of aluminum effect pigments and others, like chromate-free, zinc-based corrosion protection pigments.

What has been your greatest success to date?
I worked at our Louisville site in the U.S. for over eight years. During this time I had the opportunity to completely restructure production of aluminum pigments, to manage HR Development in this area, to roll over and improve processes and products as well as developing new products.

What are your professional goals?
I took on a new role in February 2011. After spending eight years abroad and then nearly three years in R&D, I am now working as a process engineer. My goal is to successfully fill out this role and help to improve the products and processes.

What characterizes the employees of ALTANA?
After working in a family owned company (ECKART) for a long period of time, it took some time to get used to working in an "AG", i.e. in a company with a more rigid organizational structure and more focus on profits. However, time has shown that good working conditions also exist in ALTANA - now once again practically a "family owned business" - and that this kind of atmosphere extends beyond the confines of ECKART. Good collaboration, innovation, a modern image, and occupational health and safety are increasingly in focus. Loyalty to the company, high motivation and honesty are prevailing values among the employees.