Markus Schumacher

Company:BYK-Chemie GmbH              
Role:Apprentice/IMBIT Student  
Has been with the company since:08/2010

What kind of expectations do you have regarding your apprenticeship respectively your university education "Bachelor of Science - International Management for Business Information Technology (IMBIT)"?
My expectation for my apprenticeship respectively my university education at BYK-Chemie is to obtain a very broad-based introduction into the IT business world. In addition, I would like to be able to take with me many interesting experiences from my work in projects.

How do you remember your application process and interviews? 
I did not send my application in until rather late in the year, so I was all the more pleased to be invited to take part in the recruitment test. The test was, thanks to good preparation on my part, definitely manageable but still demanding and challenging. The insecure feeling after tests that one is familiar with from school followed nearly automatically; therefore, the subsequent interview invitation was a great moment. It was my first such invitation so I was nervous and unsure about what was ahead of me.

I checked in with the BYK-Chemie reception on the day of my interview, and was met by my potential future instructor and escorted to the office of the Head of Training, Ms. Rumpf. The atmosphere was very comfortable and after the mutual introductions, my nervousness disappeared. It was an extremely interesting interview and left me a lot of room to describe my resume and my capabilities.

The invitation to a second interview came as less of a surprise than the first, but was all the more appreciated. This format of this interview was similar, but was focused more on aspects of the apprenticeship/university education than the first interview. 

The ultimate greatest moment when Ms. Rumpf assured me that I would be given an apprenticeship.

In spite of uncertainty and nervousness at the beginning, all in all, the application phase at BYK-Chemie was very pleasant. I always had the feeling that I was being listened to and that my thoughts and ideas were taken into consideration. The personal contact and comfortable atmosphere were very pleasant.

What are your professional goals?
For now, my professional goals include the successful completion of my apprenticeship and my university education. If this is achieved, I would prefer to be in a profession that I feel comfortable in and one that corresponds to the greatest possible degree with my capabilities as well as my training. If the opportunity presents itself, I would be prepared at the given time to take on further responsibility.

What are your strengths?
My strengths include my ambition, which is an asset to me in many situations and is able to continually motivate me. I also have good people skills and like to contribute my ideas in a group setting. In addition, I have experience organizing, planning and implementing tasks.