Martin Bannemann

Company:BYK-Chemie GmbH              
Role:Apprenticeship: IT Specialist - System Integration
Has been with the company since:08/2008

What does the IT specialist (system integration) apprenticeship at BYK-Chemie look like?
The three-year IT specialist (system integration) apprenticeship at BYK-Chemie, a subsidiary of ALTANA, offers the apprentices an interesting insight into one of the leading specialty chemistry companies.  The Abitur (12 or 13-year diploma) is a prerequisite. My interest in technology as well as my basic knowledge of computer technology were also a help to me.

The job description of an IT specialist includes the following tasks:

  • Planning and implementing user-specific IT solutions by integrating hardware and software components into complex (networked and non-networked systems, such as client-server systems, printers and mobile devices
  • Installing and configuring, setting up and maintaining complex IT systems with internal or external users
  • Systematically isolating and resolving errors by utilizing modern expert and diagnostic systems
  • Managing and operating (as service provider) of in-house IT systems
  • Being involved in projects with respect to conceptual design, installation, expansion and supporting of computer systems or networks on the entire company premises, including devices, operating systems, system software in the respective utilization area (computer centers, networks, client/server, fixed networks or wireless networks)

The wide-ranging area of responsibility covered during my training gave me the opportunity to be employed in the most diverse areas of the IT industry after successfully completing my traineeships (e.g. as an IT service provider).

Which departments did you get to know during your apprenticeship?
In the IT specialist apprenticeship, the apprentice rotates through the different IT departments. There are two areas in this regard, namely IT-Applications and IT-Client Service / Infrastructure. As an IT specialist for system integration, I have been placed in the IT-Client Service / Infrastructure area. At BYK-Chemie, this area is further broken down into:

  • Connectivity: Facilitating network wiring
  • Infrastructure: Administering the servers
  • Client Management: Providing PCs and laptops to users
  • Authorization Management: Managing user access rights

Which areas or tasks did you like most during your apprenticeship?
I really enjoyed working with computers and technology and the tasks were very diverse and interesting. There were always new topics and technologies to discover. A person is not static in this profession, but rather is able to keep developing themselves in order to stay up to date. At the end of 2010, I was appointed chairman of the young professionals and apprenticeship representation at BYK-Chemie. Here I had the possibility to participate and to be involved in different tasks.

You have successfully completed your training. Congratulations on this great achievement. In what area of IT will you now begin your career, and what do your subsequent plans for the future look like?
After my training, I took up a position as a member of staff for IT Corporate Unified Communications / Media Engineering in the IT Client Service department. To improve myself further, I’ll be starting a course, alongside my employment, in business information systems at the FOM Duisburg, beginning in September.

What do you do in your free time?
I spend a lot of my free time involved in sports. My greatest hobby is show-jumping. We own four horses, which need to be exercised everyday. On most weekends my younger brother and I participate with our horses in many show-jumping tournaments here in the Lower Rhine area. In addition, I also like to go jogging, swimming and dancing. I spend lot of time with my friends. I am also enthusiastic about computer and technology topics in my free time.