Oliver Bleifuß

Company:ELANTAS Europe GmbH            
Role:Process developer
Has been with the company since:08/2010

Please describe us your professional experience to date
After my Abitur (12 or 13-year diploma) and civilian service, in 2001, I began to study for a graduate chemistry degree (Diplomchemie) at the Universities of Hamburg and Lund/Sweden. I completed my university studies in 2007 with a graduate chemistry degree with an emphasis in technical and macromolecular chemistry. Since I had already written my thesis in a company cooperation with BASF and I enjoyed the practical work, I also applied for a cooperation position for my subsequent PhD work. I was offered a project in the area of micro process engineering in cooperation with ELANTAS Europe, Hamburg. After my research work, I was hired by ELANTAS Europe in 2010 as a process developer. 

How did you come to find out about ALTANA as an employer?
Ultimately I have my advising professor to thank for the fact that I now work at ELANTAS Europe / ALTANA. In 2007 the professor offered me the research project for my PhD dissertation and as such, I ended up here more or less by coincidence.  While I was working on my dissertation here, I quickly realized that I would also like to work for ELANTAS Europe after completing my dissertation. I highly value the combination of an international focus and yet the close-knit atmosphere in the company.

How do you have the application process in remembrance?
I did not need to go through a traditional application process through my previous activity as part of the dissertation. As my dissertation time was drawing to a close, I actively kept the lines of communication open the responsible department heads and personnel decision makers because I could imagine my future with ELANTAS Europe quite well -with success.

How would you rate ALTANA as an employer? What do you like in particular?
I have felt very comfortable at ELANTAS Europe from the very beginning. Even though ALTANA is a globally active group with about 5.200 employees worldwide, from my experience the atmosphere is collegial and close-knit. An example: I am currently working on a project in cooperation with Deatech/Italy. I was impressed at how the colleagues from Italy were attended to as a matter of course when they visited us in Hamburg. Furthermore, the colleagues here on-site across all levels of hierarchy are nice, open-minded and helpful.

What are your professional goals?
Over the medium term, I would like - initially for the Hamburg location - to take over responsibility for the entire process optimization area. I would be very interested in designing all production process in a more effective and profitable manner and  integrating new procedural processes  –  a "Chief Optimization Officer" as it were.