Thomas Klaumünzer


Company:ECKART GmbH                                     
Role:Head of Analytical Services
Has been with the company since:1994

Please describe your professional experiences to date 

After my university education in physics, I worked at Carl Zeiss in the research department and got involved in the production of LSI chips. I also spent several years in Russia for Zeiss. After that, I went to work for Kyocera, where I was also responsible for chip production. I was Head of Process Development there and worked several years in England.

Then I came to ECKART as Head of Operations and Production Aluminum Flake Germany. Ten years later I became Head of the Analytical Department (Central Analytics ECKART).

For which tasks/projects are you responsible in your position?

My tasks include controlling such as the incoming and outgoing controlling of materials and products as well as process controls - also worldwide. In the event of complaints or errors - e.g. in the production process - I help attend to or resolve the issue. An additional area of responsibility is analytics for intermediate and end products from research and development. I support patent work and am responsible for environmental measurements.

In doing so, I see analytics as a service and make sure the measuring devices are always available in an optimal manner – with respect to quantity and quality. This involves constantly adapting to the latest state-of-the-art measuring technology and changing requirements on the part of research and development. An important goal is also to utilize synergies through close, economical collaboration with all analytical departments in the ALTANA Group.

Here are some of the projects that I am working on: the selection and commissioning of 4kW-RFA machines  including sample preparation; the creation of alloy analytics for a pilot atomization system; participating in the "Low Migration" project; the study "Possible Applications for Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)"…

What has been your greatest success up to now?

I was involved in the successful restructuring of our company - from "traditional trade-focused" family business to the modern specialty chemical company and world leader for effect pigments.

How would you rate ALTANA as an employer? What do you like in particular?

In comparison to the companies that I have previously worked in, ALTANA offers its employees an exceptional working atmosphere, better personal development opportunities and latitude, e.g. through ideal continuing education for all relevant areas. The decision-making processes are quick, because the organization is decentralized and the interaction between the different areas is often very closely linked.
In short: In my opinion, we have an excellent corporate culture with a "built-in" continuous improvement and optimization process.

What characterizes the employees of ALTANA?

At ALTANA there is an open, respectful and comfortably personal atmosphere throughout all levels of the hierarchy and beyond.  The employees do not just feel like numbers; a feeling of togetherness and team spirit prevail. There is open communication not only within the divisions, but also throughout the ALTANA Group as a whole. On a technical level, my environment is absolutely professional.