ALTANA products can be found in many products and applications. Many of our solutions are highly specialized for very specific applications; it is only through their use that certain everyday products acquire their distinct sheen. In any event, it is the job of ALTANA and our Divisions BYK, ECKART, ACTEGA and ELANTAS to add something very special. 

Discover ALTANA in daily life

Discover products from the ALTANA Group in your daily life. Whether it’s paints, coatings, or closures - we ensure more joy, comfort, and sustainability.

Here you will find an overview of the markets and areas where you can expect to encounter the results of our development work.


  • Automotive

Additives and effect pigments from ALTANA enhance and improve both the appearance and function of vehicle surfaces. Moreover, our solutions are used in many other plastic automotive components, from the body to the engine via the interior.

Adhesives and Sealants

  • Adhesives and Sealants

In the area of adhesives and sealants, ALTANA develops solutions and additives for the food and drinks industry, the automobile industry and the electrical industry.

Architecture and Building Industry

  • Architecture and Building Industry

BYK additives improve the properties of lacquers, decorative paints and coatings. Effect pigments from ECKART enable visual design variations to be made, while optimizing functional properties such as heat reflection, UV radiation, weather and chemical resistance, protection against algae and fungi, and so on.

Can and Coil

  • Can and Coil

ALTANA can and coil coatings are called into action in many areas: in the paint industry, for the production of façade panels, in packaging materials, and for many more applications.

Closed Mold

  • Closed Mold

ALTANA provides a large number of additives and process additives which improve the processes, properties and products of cold mold technology. 


  • Cosmetics

Would you have ever thought that you’d also find ALTANA at work in products like mascara, eye shadow and rouge or shampoo, shower gel and skin scrubs? There’s a lot to discover.

Electrical Insulation

  • Electrical Insulation

Electrical equipment such as motors, generators and transformers function on the basis of electromagnetic induction. ALTANA solutions optimize the properties of such equipment through a variety of coating processes.

Flat Panel Display

  • Flat Panel Display

For highly sensitive electrical equipment, additional properties such as improved heat dissipation, etc. are desirable. We supply the required  products and services worldwide.

Functional Application

  • Functional Application

Aluminum pigments from ECKART serve not only aesthetic purposes but also many other valuable ends. They are used in both the construction industry and the chemical industry - for example, in pyrotechnics – due to their very good functional properties.

Oil and Gas Extraction Technology

  • Oil and Gas Extraction Technology

Rheological additives from ALTANA are used for the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

Industrial Coatings

  • Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings from ALTANA enhance, improve and protect. They are used in a large number of paints and coatings: for example, to preserve high-quality articles of everyday use, industrial facilities or storage tanks.

Packaging Industry

  • Packaging Industry

ALTANA offers special materials for the packaging industry. ACTEGA is the world’s leading supplier of sealants for closures and glass containers; in the area of water-based sealing compounds for cans, ACTEGA is the technology leader.

Printing and Paper Industry

  • Printing and Paper Industry

Paper coatings help the printing and paper industry to improve the printing properties of paper significantly. Without them, there would hardly be a printed product of quality manufactured.

Plastics Industry

  • Plastics Industry

Paper coatings help the printing and paper industry to improve the printing properties of paper significantly. Without them, there would hardly be a printed product of quality manufactured.


  • Powder

Protecting the environment is one of our major challenges. BYK and ECKART are developing focused solutions, enabling surfaces to be coated in a creative way.


  • Printing

The companies of ALTANA provide the graphic arts industry with a variety of high-quality additives, coatings and finishes: for example, for digital printing, gravure printing, flexo and offset printing, bronzing, and much more.

Seed Coating

  • Seed Coating

Pigments are deployed in agriculture as one of the ingredients of seed coatings: while helping farmers to distinguish between the different types of coated seed, the pigments must remain chemically neutral in relation to the seed – a major challenge.


  • Thermoplastics

The addition of BYK additives enables the properties and processing conditions of thermoplastics to be significantly optimized.

Wood and Furniture Industry

  • Wood and Furniture Industry

BYK additives and ECKART pigments improve wood and furniture coatings, enhance numerous visual features, and guard against scratching, damage, weathering and discoloration.