ECKART - Brilliant, Innovative Solutions with Metallic and Pearlescent Effect Pigments

ECKART is the leading international manufacturer of metallic and pearlescent pigments for the paints and coatings industry, the graphic arts, plastics, aerated concrete and cosmetics industries. The product range encompasses all kinds of pigments and even press-ready metallic printing inks.

This enables ECKART to offer its customers a comprehensive range of effect pigments for every demand. Particular importance is attached to personal service and expert application consulting. Its global presence enables ECKART to identify customer needs and demands at an early stage and to react quickly and flexibly. Intensive research and development activities create special products, innovative solutions, and constant improvements in a wide variety of application areas. Our customers throughout the world particularly appreciate the high quality of our products and the professional standard of our services.

The product range includes aluminium, special pearlescent and PVD pigments, metallic pigment coatings, gold-bronze, iron flakes, stainless steel flakes, and zinc pigments as well as press-ready metallic printing inks. ECKART pigments are widely used, for example, in the automotive industry to achieve metallic effects, but also for other coatings and finishes. The plastics industry uses them, among others, as dye pigments. In the manufacturing of aerated concrete these pigments serve as a propellant.

In the year 2023 the ECKART Group employed 1,711 people worldwide, achieving sales of EUR 351 million. In the future its growth will be propelled mainly by the development of innovative technologies.

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