Antonio Galhardo has been familiar with the Brazilian packaging market for decades. The chemical engineer is currently witnessing a rapid pace of change. To align with this evolution, ACTEGA has repositioned itself in Brazil. The expanded site now boasts enhanced research capacities, enabling customer-specific solutions to be developed faster. Additionally, the production expansion contributes to reinforcing the local supply chain.

THE LAST BOXES HAVE BEEN UNPACKED, marking the completion of the XXL move. ACTEGA has successfully merged three sites in Araçariguama near São Paulo, Brazil. A total of seven million dollars was invested. Employees, customers, and suppliers are delighted with the outcome. Antonio Galhardo proudly shares, “We’ve conducted numerous plant tours since the opening and have received special praise for our modern production facilities and significantly expanded research capacities.”

THE EXPANSION ALSO CREATES POTENTIAL for further enhancing the product development process. This is particularly significant as requirements, including sustainability considerations, continue to rise. Such demands also influence ACTEGA’s products, which often contribute decisive properties despite constituting a small proportion of the end product. Antonio Galhardo notes, “The demand for customized solutions is growing. Through the consolidation of sites, we have pooled our solution expertise for the Brazilian market. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ entire production process and develop tailored solutions more rapidly on site.”

In Brazil, Antonio Galhardo is witnessing an increasing demand for recyclable products. With the establishment of the new site, ACTEGA is now better equipped to effectively fulfill these growing needs.

UV COATINGS ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING PARTICULARLY HIGH DEMAND, and ACTEGA stands as the technology leader in Brazil for this product group. Antonio Galhardo explains, “On the one hand, these special coatings offer the same performance as solvent-based products, such as protecting surfaces, and at the same time provide customers with new design options. On the other, they contribute to energy savings and, consequently, reduced CO2 emissions, given the ease of processing UV coatings.” Moreover, there is an overall increased demand for recyclable products like metal cans. To meet the growing needs of the South American market, ACTEGA do Brasil with its new site provides the prerequisites for producing water-based sealants, inks, and coatings locally and offering them to the market.

THE ENERGY USED IS RENEWABLE. The new site is thus one of the first in the ALTANA Group to be CO2-free in Scope 1 and 2. “Moreover, local development and production eliminate intercontinental transportation routes and the associated CO2 emissions,” says Antonio Galhardo. “We are ideally positioned to consistently support our customers in Brazil and South America in their growth plans and climate protection efforts.” He adds, “We are also working intensively to promote lower-energy curing technologies on the market. These innovative future solutions would provide an additional impetus to sustainable production.”