Press Release: ROTOSTAR UV FPG 78301 and 78304: formulation flexibility for UV, EB and LED

The new metallic concentrates ROTOSTAR UV FPG 78301 Rich Gold and ROTOSTAR UV FPG 78304 Silver – without photoinitiator – allow the own formulation of low migration UV flexo printing inks.

The development of these stable concentrates aimed at an easily pourable product. Each individual photoinitiator mix (UV, EB or LED curing) can thus be added very conveniently.

ROTOSTAR UV FPG 78301 Rich Gold and ROTOSTAR UV FPG 78304 Silver show pronounced effects on substrates such as paper, board and different film substrates (PE, OPP and PET).

The “FPG” abbreviation in the name refers to ECKART’s Food Packaging Grade products. They are produced in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and are governed by particularly strict regulations. All ingredients are listed on Swiss Ordinance (SR 817.023.21). The products are ideally suited for the printing of food packaging (indirect food contact).


The ECKART Group is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of metallic effect and pearlescent pigments and metallic printing inks.
The group of companies with today globally around 1,750 employees develops, produces and distributes metallic effect and pearlescent pigments in powder, paste and pellet form and also in concentrates, dispersions and print inks. ECKART products are used in printing, coatings, plastics and lightweight concrete industries, as well as in cosmetics and personal care products. ECKART is represented in more than 70 countries as of the present day.
The company is a member of ALTANA AG. ALTANA develops and produces high quality, innovative products in the sector of specialty chemicals. Please find more information on the company and its products on our website:

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